Monday, December 04, 2006

More on Princess and Cheerleading.

Mama C over at luckyandtrouble asked me when Princess started cheering.. My 1st answer was just this year, but that wasn't correct.

Last year during basketball season, DH and Princess was going to all the high school basketball games for my nephews(who go to the school in the town DH and I grew up in) At the start of the season the school had varsity cheerleaders my neice Big E and Princess and a few of some other girls(all about 8- 10 years old) would stand there watching the cheerleaders and cheering along with them. Over the christmas break last year the cheerleaders got in a fight withthere coach and they all quit, leaving the vasity boys basketball team without cheerleaders..

Princess is not a shy one at all and she got 3 other girls to go out and stand on the sideline where the cheerleaders use to stand and they started cheering for the boys.. The highschool boys liked this and so did the cheerleading coach. So they let the girls continue to do this the rest of the year.. BUT NOT ONLY did they like it the high school went and got the girls some old cheerleading uniforms to wear and one of the high school girls sort of took over as the girls coach teaching them some floor cheers that they let the girls go on the court to perform at 1/2 time.. The school also gave them all the sprite stuff that the normal varsity cheerleaders would have used, the pom pom, the t-shirts to throw up in the stands durning crowd cheers. The high school treated thes(6 girls when it was said and done) just as if they were the varsity cheerleader, even gave them lockers in the girls locker room.(Princess started all of this and she didn't even go to that towns school LOL) They were even being announced at the start of the game by name as the best varsity cheerleaders around.. and once the season was over, the Varsity boys basketball team invited these girls to the High school sports banquet and gave them all rewards and gifts just like they would the normal cheerleaders..

So princess started cheering on her own last year as a varsity basketball cheerleader. I had tons of pic of this but i don't have them online at the moment since clarkcolor only stores them for 2 months now :(

Now on to this year.

In our town elementary is K-4th grade when you go into the 5th grade you are at a different school it is a 5th and 6th grade school only.. And it is basicly a mini Jr High or mini High school.. They have sports(though the school can't really say they are "school" sports for some reason) but everything is done though the school, Practises, sign up's try outs, they use the school name and colors.. and they even have pep rallies durning school time.. SO IT IS school sports..

In April this year when Princess was still in 4th grade a paper came home about cheering for the 5th and 6th grade football team in the fall.. She was all over that seeing as she had just come off of being a varsity cheerleader for basketball.

What we so were not expecting was how much time you had to put into this. It was a real cheer squad and they started there cheerleading for the football season in MAY!!! There was fund raisers so they could get the $100 needed to buy new unioforms that they didn't even get to keep, and there was cheer camps, and all sorts of stuff that if I knew before hand I would have never signed her up for it.

Anyways the week that school let out this past summer the next week they started off with a week long cheercamp going every day from 8am to 3pm After that they had cheerleading every monday for about 4 hours though out the whole summer. Then in Aug it went to 8 hours a week. Also though the summer they did a cheer fest with a buch of the other 5th and 6th grade cheerleaders from other surrounding towns. When Sept started so did the football games.. That was every sunday afternoon until the start of November. Plus 3 hours of pract a week. The games were fun, watching her cheer was fun, she loved the pep rally they did at school before the played the catholic school in our town(the two schools don't like each other much) but it took alot of time. More time then I think she wants to put in again for next year.. So we will see. There games being on sunday afternoons were really crazy.. we would go to sunday school and church then rush right to the football feild be there all afternoon get home turn around and leave for church again.. too much for sundays.. but she did have a blast.. and Sweet Pea got to cheer one with with her when they had little sister day.


sari said...

Wow, that sounds like SUCH a lot of work for such a young age! Your daughter obviously has a lot of confidence, how great for them to be Varsity Cheerleaders just because they thought it would be fun, it's amazing.

Your daughter is beautiful!

KC said...

Thank you..
LOL yeah confidence is not something Princess lacks. LOL.

Heather said...

I know the football team at the middle school has pretty grueling practice schedules too, that is crazy for 5th/6th graders. Sounds like she enjoys it though!