Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Past #6

Christmas Past #6 will bring us to the year 2001.
This Christmas Princess was 5 yrs 11 month and Mr Man 2 yrs 1 month.
(pic taken in November like always so minus a month on the kids age)

This Christmas i was as big as a house, PG with Sweet Pea and Due Feb 14, 2002.
When I got PG with her i was really sick so I stopped working again and went back to being a SAHM.. but come the end of Oct I got a call asking if i could come back and help, well i was feeling alot better at that point so I did, I was working 2 days a week for the Christmas season, come Jan 2002 I stopped working and never went back to work again.

This Christmas as far as gifts and such is alittle blurry to me. I think Mr Man got a sit and spin IIRC but I don't really know what Princess got.

My sister had her 1st child in June of 2001, and she put my parents into shock when she showed up on there door step, ringing there door bell on Christmas eve at around 10pm. Her and her hubby thought they would surprise us all by making that 24 hour road trip to be with us for Christmas. They weren't planning the trip but on Dec 23rd, they said oh what the heck lets pack up and surprise everyone..
I was so excited when i showed up to my grandma Christmas day for our family Christmas to see my sister and my new little niece walk though the door.. that was the best gift..

I sort of wish they would surprise us again this year, but I think she is hosting Christmas with her in-laws

OH!!! and Sweet Pea didn't make it till Feb, she was born Jan 29,2002

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