Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday Six(santa) 12/24/06

Shoot!! I had the kids do the Sunday six on Friday night because I know Saturday, Sunday and Monday was going to be crazy. Then I went and forgot to post it UGH..
Anyways here is what Kelly had for us this week
Sunday, December 24 - "Santa"
1. How does Santa make it to every one's house in one night?
2. What are the names of his reindeer?
3. What does Santa do if a home does not have a fireplace?
4. Does Santa make all the toys, or does he buy them as well?
5. How old is Santa?
6. What are you leaving out for Santa tonight?

Mr Man
1) reindeer's and they go fast
2) Rudolph,comet, cupid, dancer, blitzen, Prancer,dasher, donnor,Vixen
3) he has magic and he can get though furnaces vent things and it turns into a chimney and then once he lives it goes back to a furnace vent.
4)He buys the equipment and the elves use the equipment to make them into toys
5)it depends when the last time someone scarred Santa off the roof and then he puts on the suit and becomes Santa and then the other Santa just goes away somewhere.
6) a big Christmas tree shaped cookie cake thing and hot coco

Sweet Pea
1) reindeer's
2)comet, Rudolph,cuepid(almost sounded like stupid LOL) and Bixon
3)goes though the door
4)the elf's make them
5)I don't know
6)cookie and hot coco


1) It's almost like there is one for every house
2)dasher, dancer, prancer, vixon, comet, cupid, donnor, blisten, Rudolph the misfit
3)It's like he is already there
4)He buys them all
5)36 and 34 and 10 year and 11 months.
6)cookies and milk and all the stuff I like to eat.

Even I'm a day late Let me know if you played and stop by and tell Kelly also Kelly(Sunday six)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

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