Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T13 and Weekend Recap part 2

Today I'm going to combined part two of our Memorial day weekend along with my T13 post..

So Here it is 13 things I did on Saturday and Sunday May 23 & 24 2009
Saturday May 23, 2009

1) we got up and dressed and then took Princess, her friend K.D. and Little Man and went off on a hunt.. A hunt for a new tent.. Our tent is pushing 9 years old and both the front and back door zippers are acting up or not working at all So we are in need of a new tent if we plan to do any real camping, which I really hope to do a lot of this summer. Only we can't seem to find a tent as big as the one we had for around the same price we paid or a tad bit more.. The stores we seem to have checked don't carry tents that big and the ones that do want more then I'm willing to pay for a tent. Our tent now is 20 x 13 and about 6 1/2 or 7 foot tall in the center. Anyways we had no luck on our hunt Saturday morning :-(

2)Since we were up by the lake on our camping tent hunt we told little Man he could play on the beach.. So while I got some rays he got to play in the sand.. Sand wasn't such a good idea for Princess and her broken toe.. we would have never got all the sand out of her post op. shoe she has to wear to walk right now.. and if she took it off and tried to walk in the sand she would have done a lot more damaged to her toe.. So they called a few friends from there youth group who lives in that area and was going to see if they wanted to hang at the park next to the beach.

3) It turns out that there friends were at a festival and that festival was right next to the beach.. So Princess and her friends hung out there while Little Man got to play in the sand.

4)After cleaning off the sand and meeting back up together we went for ice cream and then we took K.D. home and Princess went to hang out with some other friends for a couple of hours and Little Man went to take a walk and ride bikes over at my grandmothers house.

5) while all of that was going on, Mr Man and Sweet Pea was still with my parents and they had taken out my Grandpa's boat for a test drive.. Grandpa bought the boat in November with big hopes of fishing all summer long, but now he has changed his mind and figured a 76 1/2 year old man, really can't get the boat in and out of the lake and shouldn't be out in the middle of the lake alone fishing anyways.. so he is selling it.. But my Dad, Mom and the kids thought they would give it a test run make sure everything works on it before they threw the for sale sign on it.

6) Since all my kids were busy doing fun things without me, LOL.. DH and I was able to have a nice dinner alone which was really nice and time to talk and hang out.. after dinner we went and picked up Little Man and Princess and her friends G.S and the boyfriend(who as of today is the ex boyfriend again.. I can't keep up with these kids on again off again stuff)
7) DH stayed home with Little Man and got him to bed, while I went with The BF(or ex BF) and Princess and her friend G.S. to the drive-in about 40 minutes away from us to see Night at the Museum 2(great show and I plan to take the younger 3 when it comes to the drive in here in town).. We only stayed for the 1st movie since there was church the next day. This is the line to get into the drive-in theater, It was a mad house.

Sunday May 24, 2009

8) Went to church Sunday morning. After church Mr Man, Sweet Pea, and Little Man went back to my parents house for a cook out, swimming and s'mores making (they were spending the night again with grandma since grandma wanted them and her pool was ready and warm for swimming) Princess and her friend G.S. went over to my grandma's house for the afternoon to hang out with a group of there friends who all live around grandma's block and from there Princess's friend K.D.'s mom was picking them up at 3:30pm to take them to there small group Bible study and to youth group that night.

9) since i was childless again DH and I thought we would have a nice date day of sorts.. Only for the 1st little bit we would have to drive two cars since I was the mom bring the kids home from youth group that night PLUS we were picking up a bit of lawn and garden stuff for our self and for my grandparents wasn't sure if we would have the room for it all in just the van.. So we stopped at the store we needed to get the supplies from and left DH's car there and then he took me out to lunch.

10) then we took a drive to the lake were we sat on the shore holding hands and walking and talking, it was beautiful at the lake that day, not hot but not too cold either.

11) after we left the lake we went and got the top soil and flowers and stuff that I needed and

12) next we headed over to the Chapel to get the kids from youth group. K.D. was having a party that night and I knew I would have the 4 girls that normally ride with us plus a few.. but when a group of 10 teenagers came out and tried to all fit into my van I was very happy that we had DH's car also.. so we divided them up(both boys and girls) and two guitars and sleeping bags and over night bags and such into both the car and the van and drove them all over to K.D.'s house where the boys were leaving at 10pm and the girls were spending the night.

13) after that we stopped by grandma's and unloaded her stuff and then came home unloaded ours and sat down just in time to watch the Cavs play off game(boy they need to start playing better or it is over..)

So there you have it My Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend.. and my Thursday Thirteen post all rolled into one.

tomorrow I'm hoping to have my Memorial day post up and ready.. if not it will come sometime over the weekend ;-P

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WW(Little Man's birthday party) weekend recap part 1

(this slide show is going to have music in it, so you might want to scroll down a bit and hit the pause button on my normal music playing on my blog.. or just turn your sound off altogether if you want no music)
I'm using this as my wordless Wednesday post even though I'm putting in a few words. It is also the start of this past weekend's Weekend Recap post..
this is what I did on Friday May 22, 2009
well this and cleaning like a crazy person, shopping for the party, and having to look at 4 different stores before finding the Car's birthday party theme stuff(UGH that is a whole other story) and then After the party Mr Man and Sweet Pea went and spent the night at my parents house, and Princess and her friend K.D. who was spending the night went to one of there friends party.. and while at that party is when they got the news about there friend Keaton who I posted about last Friday night..
The birthday party was a blast Little Man had a wonderful time.. even if we ended the day on a worried out of our minds about Keaton sort of note.

and that folks was my Friday.. tomorrow I'll post about Saturday and Sunday.

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Weekend Recap on hold.

I was about to tell you about my fun filled super busy(even without any sporting events) weekend. But then I thought about everything I haven't had the time to post about and figured I wanted to get you all caught up first. So my Weekend Recap post will start tomorrow.

Last week, the week of May 18, 2009 was one very busy week.
On Monday May 18, 2009
We started the day with Little Man having his 4 year check up. You can read about that Here.

Next we got Little Man all signed up for preschool for the fall. Then later in the afternoon Little Man had his Occupational Therapy, when I got home from that it was time to cook dinner and get DH off for work..

Mr Man I found out that day has found a new pass time of climbing trees. This is something I spent hours as a kid doing, and never hurt myself, but when I was in Jr High one of my friends went hunting with a group of kids one night and fell out of a tree and died.. So I have this sick sick feeling in my gut every time I think of my kids climbing trees, yet I still remember all the fun I use to have doing it, so I didn't scream and yell and flip out to get out of the tree, though that is what was going on inside of me.. instead I said "you be very very careful" and I grabbed the camera.

Later that night right before bed Princess came out of her room and said as she held her foot up to me "I think I broke my toe" OUCH OUCH OUCH.. she had ran her foot into the thick heavy wood of her loft bed.. We elevated it and iced it.. but an hour later it didn't look any better. She also said it was still throbbing and sending sharp pain into her foot, so packed up the kids and took them to great grandma's and Princess and I went to the ER. After an x-ray we were told she broke the bone closest to the tip of the toe(4th toe on the right). They taped it and put her in an post op shoe and we were home around 11:30PM

Tuesday May 19, 2009
Started the day back in the doctors this time for my lovely yearly appointment. Then it was home to get more of the house work done. After school Mr Man had a doctors appointment for his asthma/allergies(right there was 5 doc/hospital visits in 2 days and there were more to come) When we got back from that I had one hour to get dinner done and the kids feed and we were off again, there was no time to dress the kids up and make them look nice. so they went in what they had been playing in(UGH I really hate that but there is just so many hours in a day) But they didn't really look any different then any of the other kids who were back at the school for there art show. when the art show was over we rushed it back home so DH could take off to work.. After he left Princess was bouncing off the walls, she is not use to staying home and not being able to just go and go and go and do things with her friends or do some sort of sport.. but I needed her to rest her foot, since she had went to school even though the ER doctor gave her Tuesday off of school to rest her toe.. So I sent her out in the yard just to get out of the house next thing you know there is about 5 or 6 of her friends on bikes all hanging out in the yard(none of them live close by but one text saying I'm board and my mom wont let me leave the yard was all it took to be like party at my place LOL) After they all left it was close to dark so we got everyone bathed and ready for bed.
Wednesday May 20, 2009

Wednesday morning I had to clean some more of my house, at this point I was wanting to cry because I had been running so much the last two day and the weekend before it, that I didn't have anything ready I needed ready for the upcoming birthday party.. but I didn't have time for that.. I had to keep working because at 11:30am I had to get Princess out of school to go to the kids doctors for the 3rd time this week for a follow up for her toe.. I had questioned the ER doctor when he told me to take her to there Pedi doc for this.. I thought Ortho might be better but they said "oh it's just a toe and a break in the top of her toe she doesn't need Ortho"
WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turns out they were wrong.. At her Pediatric doctor there was a note sent from the hospital that after radiology looked at the x-rays they now thought she should be referred over to the Orthopedic doctor... ~sigh~ I could have avoided that whole trip to the kids doctor with her.. instead I spend an hour in there to find out they were setting up another appointment for her with Ortho, which would be on Thursday. We left the Pediatricians and it was too late to get Princess back to school for her lunch so we stopped at subway and split a sub and then I took her back to school. After that got a bit more cleaning done and then it was time for the kids to come home, feed them dinner and it was off to Mr Man's season opener for baseball. He moved up to the kids pitch this year.. they play 7 innings or 2 1/2 hours.. so that pretty much took the rest of the night.

Thursday May 21, 2009

Dropped the kids off at school and DH and I both took Princess to her 9am Orthopedic doctor appointment.. Where we were told and shown on the x-ray that Princess did not just break one bone but two. Guess there are 3 bones in the toe she broke the top on(at the tip of her toe)like the ER doctor told us.. but also broke the bottom one where the toe connects to the foot, the middle one is just fine. ~sigh~ with the top bone broke they were saying like 2 weeks off of it, then she could go back to playing ball as long as it didn't hurt.. but with this bottom bone broken they said 4 to 5 weeks. Which pretty much shoots her softball this summer in the foot, SNORT.. ok bad pun.. sorry.

After getting her back to school I came home and got back to cleaning and playing with Little Man. then picked up the kids from school and feed them dinner.. and Got Sweet Pea off to softball practice(DH is coaching her team so he and Mr Man went also) When they got home I stopped cleaning and crashed for the rest of the night.
This is where I'll end this.. and tomorrow tell you have I spent the weekend.

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