Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WW(Little Man's birthday party) weekend recap part 1

(this slide show is going to have music in it, so you might want to scroll down a bit and hit the pause button on my normal music playing on my blog.. or just turn your sound off altogether if you want no music)
I'm using this as my wordless Wednesday post even though I'm putting in a few words. It is also the start of this past weekend's Weekend Recap post..
this is what I did on Friday May 22, 2009
well this and cleaning like a crazy person, shopping for the party, and having to look at 4 different stores before finding the Car's birthday party theme stuff(UGH that is a whole other story) and then After the party Mr Man and Sweet Pea went and spent the night at my parents house, and Princess and her friend K.D. who was spending the night went to one of there friends party.. and while at that party is when they got the news about there friend Keaton who I posted about last Friday night..
The birthday party was a blast Little Man had a wonderful time.. even if we ended the day on a worried out of our minds about Keaton sort of note.

and that folks was my Friday.. tomorrow I'll post about Saturday and Sunday.

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Cris said...

There was a lot of people who came to celebrate with you. I'm sure it was fun. Me and my husband loves to throw big parties with all of our friends. My son's birthday is coming up and I want it to be different. We're gonna invite all of his friends instead of all of ours so he can enjoy it. After all, it's his birthday.