Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 13

My week this week, Thursday 13 style..


1) Little Man's 4 year check up

2) OT for Little Man

3) ER trip for Princess(who broke her toe on her bed post(which is a loft bed made of thick heavy wood)while on her way to bed Monday night.


4) Yearly Doc appointment for me

5) Doc appointment for Mr Man's allergies


6)ST for Little Man

7) Princess follow up with her Pedi doctor(who the hospital told us to follow up with)

8) Mr Man's Season Opener for baseball


9)another appointment for Princess's toe, this time with Ortho doc.

10) Sweet Pea's softball


11) finish cleaning the house(which I have been working on every day this week)

12) go shopping to get everything I need for Little Man's birthday party.

13) cook all the food for Little Man Birthday party


14) I have to work 1/2 a day on Friday till 3:45PM

Double Bonus.

15) Little Man's 4th Birthday Party on Friday Night...

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Kristi said...

Wow. Busy week. And I thought your weekends were busy...LOL

Courtney said...

Poor Princess