Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend Recap May 1-3, 2009

It is really sad when you sit down to write a weekend recap and you are drawling a blank on what you did on Friday.... ~sigh~ my brain is gone.. just been too busy to think..

OK let me see if I can try to remember the weekend, goodness it is only 9:45PM on Sunday one would think I could remember this.. (remember I wrote this on sun night but didn't get it posted till Monday night sorry)

Friday I worked at a school in which I haven't been called to work yet this year.. It was fun.. but I came home tired and then went right to a garage sale(its a yearly one my grandma and I go to together) but since I worked it opened just about an hour before I got there and it was pretty picked over.. Then I RUSHED home packed up Sweet Pea's stuff because she was going to a birthday slumber party for her bff. Then I Played Taxi for an hour 1st drove to the south side of town to Princess's boyfriend house picked up Princess, the boyfriend and the 4 other friends who were there with them.. Then drove over to pick up another one of Sweet pea's friends.. Took Sweet Pea and her little friend over to the far North side of town to the birthday slumber party... Then drove the six 13 year old in my van over to the very far West side of town to drop them off at a party at another one of there friends house. and by the time I got back home I was gone an hour.. just driving around town.. (no wonder I couldn't remember what I did on Friday LOL) It was just about 7PM when I got home and made dinner. and pushing 8pm when I ate.
then I played on facebook and watched tv with DH. Then it was time to pick up Princess and the 5 other kids I had and had to do another drive around town dropping them all off.. LOL just tossed the Taxi sign up on the van and that was my Friday night..
Here are a few pictures of Sweet Pea before heading off to the slumber party.Saturday Mr Man had baseball from 9am to 10:30am since it was only practice no pictures to show. Sweet pea got home from the slumber party at 10am(her little friend who I took the the party mom's brought them home) While DH had Mr Man at baseball I cleaned the house, and took a shower and at 11am once everyone was home.. We went to my parents house to pick up Little man, He had got home from TX(well home as in my parents house) at 4AM .. Missed that little guy.. While there we did the finishing touches as in adding weights to the kids Awana's cars.. and we had lunch at mom and dads.. We got home about 3pm and threw the "mom Taxi" sign back on top the van. Picked up Princess and her friend Shay and took them over there friend Collin's house who parent then took them to the mall to meet up with some other friends from youth group and while out Princess picked up her Jr High Spring Dance dress..
While she was out shopping Mr Man took off with my parents to go buy stuff for the boat, and Sweet Pea and DH went out for ice cream for a daddy, daughter date.. and Little Man and I played.. OOPS.. almost forgot we also got some yard work and mulching done in the back yard.. still have both sides and front to do(and not a free weekend from this point on till Aug..)
Saturday night Mr Man spent the night with my parents and Shay spent the night with Princess.

Sunday woke up got everyone off to Sunday school, after church the 3 younger kids went home with my parents and my mom got them to PM Church/ Awana's for me since I was going to get there RIGHT ON TIME.. while they were doing that.. we rushed home changed out of our church cloths and got Princess and Shay changed and ready to go, went and picked up the boyfriend and headed off to Princess's double header softball game..

Here is a slide show from there 1st game

Here is one from there 2nd.

Softball ended and it was time for church Youth group starts at 5pm so we just dropped princess and friends off and I went home cleaned up a bit and got to the church right at 6pm got there about 3 minutes before the Awana's grand prix started.. Little Man's car did well in the races he won his 1st three races.. Mr man and Sweet Pea didn't fear so well, they always took 2nd or 3rd.. None of the kids Placed as far as the racing went...

But Sweet Pea's car won 1st place Best of Show..

Also Sweet Pea lost another tooth today and now she is missing both her top front teeth. ..

That folks was my weekend.. hope you had a nice weekend also.

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Rachel said...

I'm surprised you make it through your weekend with you head still attached. :)

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my goodness! You need one of those signs that I see around that says Mom's Taxi! Wow! No wonder you had trouble remembering everything you did! I'd forget where I left my head! :o)

We had our Awana Grand Prix a few weeks ago. I always enjoy that. I love the guitar car!!! I think I will save a picture of it for future reference, I know T would love one like that!

Always love all of your pictures of the kids. xoxox

Courtney said...

So Princess has a bf? You never posted about this before. Great pics & another busy weekend.