Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Way Back Wednesday, Halloween style

This week The Kept Women had this for us,""Show me your Halloween costumes of the past," So that is what I did.

This lovely pic is of my, sister, me and my brother back in 1984, i'm the old women in the center, i was days away from turning 12 years old

These next two shots was halloween 1982, it was mine and my sister early birthday party, I was turning 10 and she was turning 8, I was strawberry shortcake that year.

top row l to r My sister, me, my friend Robin, and my friend Tina, middle row, my sisters friend Marissa, sister's friend Beth and my friend Dawn. Then in the front row is my sister's friend Amy.

going back in time a bit more Halloween 1978. This was my kindergarden year.
Not only did I wear this trick or treating, I also wore this to the school party. I remember so well what a pain it was to get this box on and off the bus when I was just a tiny little thing LOL

Going back in time a bit more we take you to 1976 I was about to turn 4 years old and my little sister there in the lion costume was about to be 2. When I was about to turn 2 years old I wore the same lion costume, my mom took me out trick or treating that night and went into labour, I woke up the next morning with candy and a new sister.

The Last one of the day is from 1975, me as casper along with my grandma(dad's mom) I was just about to turn 3 years old.

So did you show your costumes? Let me know so i can go look, and don't forget to let The Kept Women know if you did.
Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bet You didn't Know.

That my birthday (November 9th) is also an American holiday?????
I didn't even know this until sunday when i was reading Kirsten's blog and she had posted this website.

Are you ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok here it is

November 9 is . . . . . Chaos Never Dies Day

I'm LOL so hard right now.. there has never been a day that fits me to a tee as much as this. Chaos is my life LOL
4 kids doing every activity under the sun, Me being the most unorgainzed person I know.. you can figure the rest of this out for yourself, BUT let me just share an
examples of my life and how Chaos never Dies Day is perfect for me to have been born that day.
Saturday afternoon i got all the kids awana's vest and shirts and books together and put them in a bag so come sunday night (after getting home from picking the younger kids up from my moms, after getting back from Princess cheerleading/football game, which we went to right after morning church) I could grab the bag, put there vest on, and head out the door with all there awans stuff for church/awans sunday night. Here i was so proud of myself for trying to be organized, ONLY for sunday night to roll around and it's time to head out the door for church.. and I CAN"T FIND THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!! I looked all over the house distorying the dinningroom, where i"m sure i had placed it on an extra chair i had in there.(not that my dinning room or any other part of my house was clean anyways) We ended up about 5 mins late for church/awans and the kids showed up with no vest and no books. It wasn't till yesterday when Little Man dumped his breakfest on the floor and I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up that there I found the bag just sitting nicely under his high chair.
~sigh~ here sunday night i had 5 people looking everywhere in everyroom for this bag of awanas stuff and there it sat so nicely under the high chair.. HOW DID WE MISS THAT.. OH Well.. next sunday hopefully I'll know where they are.

Yes November 9 is . . . . . Chaos Never Dies Day and my birthday LOL.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Guilty Secrets

Now this looked like fun, but after i post i'll have children services banging on my door :)
i was reading musing of a housewife by dcrmom she posted her Guilty Secrets she had came across this at Surburban Turmoil. So I though I might as well post my guilty secrets

1) I let my kids eat breakfest in the livingroom, infront of the tv which has cartoons on every morning before school. If they are home for lunch and they feel like eatting in there bedrooms or living room, I let them. Some nights for dinner we all eat in the living room as a family, but I do try to do the family table for dinner most of the time

2)My kids eat, chips, candy, chew gum and drink pop every day. Little Man wouldn't eat his dinner tonight all he kept asking for was chips, so that is what he ate. My kids eat hot dog, chicken nuggets, french fries and mac and cheese weekly.

3)Little Man (now 17 months old) still nurses on demand, which basicly means anytime he is board or tired or hurt or cranky. He will not go to sleep for nap or night unless he is nurseing. He still sleeps in my bed. I think he has slept in the crib a total of 4 times in his life, and some nights he uses me all night long as a pacie. 17 months seems like nothing his older sister sweet pea did this till she self weaned at 29 months.

4)The 3 older kids have tv's, vcrs and dvd players in there rooms. If they ask I let them watch movies as they fall asleep. Mr Man(soon to be 7 yrs old) favorite are all 6 star wars, all the Jarassic park movies and his new fav is priates of the carabinen. Princess likes all those teenie bopper movies with hillary duff and stuff.
Sweet Pea (still only 4) watching what the older 2 watches and listens to there music also.

5)My kids don't have a bed time. Most nights durning the school year they are in bed by 9:30pm and Little Man goes to bed around 10pm or 11pm, in the summer it is more like 11pm or whenever they fall asleep

6)If any of them wake up in the middle of the night they are more then welcomed to come and sleep in our bed(I don't think of this as a guilty secret though, i love when they sleep in our bed and I don't understand people at all who think it is wrong to let there kids sleep with them)

7)I forget to give the kids their vitamins also, I do have it and Sweet Pea will normally ask for them because she likes the taste but unless she ask I never remember. Shoot i couldn't even remember to take mine when i was PG, and I never took them while nurseing Sweet Pea and still don't take them while Nurseing Mr Man.

8)I have called the kids off school because out of the blue I said lets make this weekend out of town be a little longer of a trip. and I have pulled them out of school for planned vacations also.

9)a few time for breakfest my kids have had leftover birthday cake or waffles with icecream on them, and they have had cookies right before bedtime, shoot there new thing the last 2 week is heck with cooking the cookies and they just eat the cookie dough as a bedtime snack.

10)They do not get bathed every night, i do try the every other night thing though, Princess often gets it more because she is in so many sports every night.

11)my kids don't hear me cuss because i don't do that often, when i say crap, or flippen, or shoot they think I'm useing bad words, I do not think Shut Up is a bad word and i let the kids use it, but not in a mean Shut up way, but in the hillary duff teen type way of saying Shut UP which is sort of like saying No way or Get out. Though I have been known to yell Shut UP in the Shut UP kind of way when Please keep it down isn't working and they are still running around the house yelling and i need it tuned down right then and there. NOW that I do feel guilty for.

12)my kids can paint with there paint pens and with there paint in pen type things with bushes at the end because it isn't all that messy. but cutting and pasting and finger painting, and playing playdough or even with lego's i can't stand it, they might do those things once a year or maybe twice a year but it's not an every day, or even every month sort of thing.

ok so when should I expect that knock on my door with people coming to take my kids from me. LOL
So what are your guilty parenting secrets??????????????

Faith Builder- Purpose in prayer.

On Saturday Oct 21, 2006. The Lord Called Little Canon back home to be with Him. Canon was just a little guy who in Sept under went a heart transplant and has been in the hospital ever since. and a few days ago suffered a stroke, and on Saturday the Lord stopped the pain and suffering and took him home.
Every mothers worst fear is to lose one of her children, My heart is breaking for Canons mom Carla. Yesterday at church we sang the song Day by Day, I had read about Carla and Canon on Saturday night, so as we sang this song sunday morning, My thoughts went to them and how Carla would need the Lord more then ever at this time. Here are the words to the song Day by Day

Day by day, and with each passing moment,
Strength I find to meet my trials here,
Trusting in my Father's wise bestowment,
I've no cause for worry or for fear.
He, whose heart is kind beyond all measure,
Gives unto each day what He deems best,
Lovingly its part of pain and pleasure,
Mingling toil with peace and rest.

Ev'ry day the Lord Himself is near me,
With a special mercy for each hour;
All my cares He fain would bear and cheer me,
He whose name is Counselor and Power.
The protection of His child and Treasure,
Is a charge that on Himself He laid;
As thy days thy strength shall be in measure,
This the pledge to me He made.

Help me then, in ev'ry tribulation,
So to trust Thy promises, O Lord,
That I lose not faith's sweet consolation,
Offered me with in Thy Holy Word.
Help me, Lord, when toil and trouble meeting,
E'er to take, as from a father's hand,
One by one, the moments fleeing,
Till I reach the promised land.

writen by Lina Sandell

In I Thessalonians 4:13-18 God has this for us.
4:13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.
4:14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

4:15 For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.
4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
4:18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words

Dear Lord, we come to you now asking you to wrap your arms around Carla, her mother and her older two children, and also with Canons dad and the rest of the family in there time of lose. Give them peace and comfort that can only come from You. As your children you have a plan for our lives, we may not understand why heartbreak and pain is part of your plan, but we can take comfort in your Promisses to never leave us or forsake us, and that all things work together for good to them that Love You. Dear Lord Be with Canons family carry them though this time. These things we ask in Your name,

Two and a half years ago I miscarried my little love Alyssa, and I know the pain of loseing a child you held and raised and watch grow and then have to see him go though so much is so much greater, but at the time of loseing Alyssa and how my heart was breaking, God places a song in my heart that though tears I went around singing sort of as a way to remind myself that God was in control.

God Will Make A Way by Don Moen
God will make a way,Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me
He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way, God will make a way.

Today at Faith Lifts we are linking our pray to be sent on to Carla. If you would like to write a prayer on your blog for this family, you can link to the site useing the faith builder button on top or the faith lift link here. Let's all lift this family up to the Lord in Prayer not only today but in the weeks and months to come.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Six(10/21/06) happy birthday Jenelle.

Sunday Six, in honor of Kelly's(the mind behind Sunday six) dd Jenelle's 4th Birthday

1. How do we celebrate birthdays?
2. Do you know anyone having a birthday today?
3. Why do we celebrate birthdays?
4. What happens at a birthday party?
5. When is your birthday?
6. What do you do on your birthday?

Answered by Princess 10 yrs 9 months, Mr Man 6 yrs 11 months and Sweet Pea 4 years 9months.

#1) How do we celebrat birthdays?

Princess: With a Party

Mr Man: presents, cake icecream, get to have a party. Sometimes you will get a big big box all wrapped up and you open it only to find another box inside all wrapped up, you open that one and there is another box and it keeps going and going and then there is only one little gift inside, sometimes that can take a long time. Ok that is all i'm going to say what's the next question.

Sweet Pea: Get presents

#2) Do you know anyone with a birthday today

Princess: No

Mr Man: No

Sweet Pea: No

#3) Why do we celebrate birthdays

Princess: because we get older

Mr Man: Because it's the day you've been born

Sweet Pea: because it's fun people come over and give me presents.

#4) What Happens at birthday parties?

Princess: Everything, games, food, presents and fun

Mr Man: Presents, cake ice cream fun stuff, movies, sleepovers.

Sweet Pea: Open presents, say thank you and give kisses then eat cake, Hey do we have any cake.

#5) When is your birthday?

Princess: come on you know, NO NO don't write that down, January 18th.

Mr Man: Novemeber 15th

Sweet Pea: I don't know (her birthday is January 29th)

#6) What do you do on your birthday?

Princess: Go to a hotel with my friends and celebrate

Mr Man: A bunch of fun stuff

Sweet Pea: eat cake and ice cream.. YEAH!!!!!!!! eat cake.

So there you have it this weeks Sunday six , leave a comment if you played(or if you didn't and just feel like commenting LOL) and don't forget to click the link and wish Kelly's dd Jenelle a Happy 4th birthday today.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'M SO MAD!!(please take the time to read this)

This is my 100th post on my blog. I thought i would be doing some super happy This is post #100 type of post.. but this can not wait.
1st let me start with this. STEALS CONTENT. If you are reading this on’s site, you are reading someone else’s work who has NOT given permission for the reproduction. If you’d like to read the site LEGALLY click here Do not continue to pad Bitacle’s pockets by clicking on their ad driven pages. Help put a stop to Copyright Infringement.

While reading blogs tonight i came across this
She was talking about how her bog was being posted at with adds on it and that people were making money off of what she wrote and claiming it as there own. she linked us here This site shared with us how we could find out if someone was steeling our blogs and useing it as there own.
I thought surly noone would want to steel my little blog it isn't all that exciting KWIM? I WAS WRONG. I did the seach like the above linked told us too and sure enough my blog has been being used on this site, Not just my words, BUT photos of my children and they have places for people to comment.. I knew when i started blogging i was putting my words and photos out there for anyone to find, BUT I DID NOT THINK SOMEONE WOULD STEEL THEM. I am so far past mad at this point. In the above links there are things we can do to try to stop this.. I'm just not exactly sure what they all are yet.. BUT from now on I think all my post will start with STEALS CONTENT. If you are reading this on’s site, you are reading someone else’s work who has NOT given permission for the reproduction. If you’d like to read the site LEGALLY, click here [insert your URL]. Do not continue to pad Bitacle’s pockets by clicking on their ad driven pages. Help put a stop to Copyright Infringement.

I John 4:18

I John 4:18" There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."

This verse came to mind today as I was taking a shower. Like most busy moms I don't get alot of time to myself, so in order to have clean hair shaved legs and not smell from a mile away, after the 3 older kids were off at school I took Little Man into the tub with me.
It has been along time since Little Man has been in a shower, so long that he forgot what it was(he does like his baths though) When I turned on the shower and he was sitting in the back of the tub in his bathtub seat, his face had this look of fear on it. I finished up washing my hair, but the whole time he kept crying when the water would splash on him. I picked him up into my arms and placed him under the water he was shaking from fear of being under that water and he was crying. I hugged him tight and wishpered to him "it's ok mommy's here" still under the shower he looked right into my eyes and this peace came over him, he was still hanging tight to my neck but he stopped crying and he wasn't shaking anymore. It was like just me hugging him and reminding him it was ok i was there drove all the fear away.
What a wonderful great feeling that was, my little boy who I love with all my heart, loves me back with all his heart and he trust me completely to never put him in harms way, just a few little words from me can keep him from being afraid and make him happy.. I don't even know how to express the joy I felt at that moment.
It was at that point I John 4:18 came to mind and made me think of how when we are afraid God is there telling us "fear not for I am with you" If only we could trust God and love him to the point of totally tursting on him and letting him drive all our fear away. We would be a much happier people. I also though of how Happy it made me when Little Man did this and though, What Joy we must bring to God when we trust Him, when we cast our cares upon Him and leave them there and not fear.

There is a song I use to sing growing up from the Patch the Priate book (one of them I just don't remember which one) and I sometimes sing this to my kids also.

"When shadows fall and the night covers all there are things that my eye can not see, I'll never fear for the Savior is near, my Lord abides with me.
How can I fear, Jesus is near, He ever watches over me, worries all secess, He gives me Peace, How can I fear with Jesus
Jesus is King He controls everything, He is with me each night and each day, I'll turst my soul to the Saviors control He drives all fears away.
How can I fear, Jesus is near, He ever watches over me, worries all secess, He gives me Peace, How can I fear with Jesus."

One of the greatest gifts God has given his children is this gift of Peace
Thank you Lord for saving me, for teaching me to trust in you, For taking away my fear and giving me Joy and Peace

As a mother if I could only teach my children one thing I would be to Love the Lord trust in Him and cast there cares upon Him. I know that looks like more then one thing but it all goes hand in hand cuz as you Love the Lord and grow in Him the rest will come. Then No matter where they are in life they will be happy.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

DSL someone Help!!!!!

I'm still in the stone age of dial up internet and it is becoming a big pain in the butt. I don't want to spend alot of money for the internet so right now i'm paying $9.95 for my internet a month.

With Princess and Mr Man and Sweet pea wanting on the computer and Also with the none stop phone calls from Princess and Mr Man's friends I'm not finding much time online, or if i get online i get knocked off when the phone rings. Really REALLY becoming old.

My parents and my grandparents are useing verizon dsl for $14.95 a month. THAT IS WHAT I WANT. Only I go online to get it and verizon has the offer on there home page but when i try to get it tells me they only have a $30 a month offer to offer me and I can't find a spot on there site to email someone and ask. So i called there 800 number and was told the $14.95 was internet only so they can't help me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. They did offer me the same thing the $14.95 would give me for $19.95 but if i can get it for $14.95 i didn't want to pay $19.95

My question is, does anyone out there know of or has dsl for any less then $19.95 at this point i'm willing to pay the $10. more a month(from what i'm paying now) to keep from getting knocked off line and also to hook the kids computer up to the internet also, BUT if i can get it for less I would rather do that. So if you guys know of any good dsl deals please let me know.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Six 10/15/06

Our Sunday six bought to us by Kelly for Oct 15, 2006. Here is what she had for us today.
Well, we're getting close to Halloween, so let's talk Pumpkins!

1. What is a pumpkin?

2. What do you do with a pumpkin for Halloween?

3. Is there anything else you can do with a pumpkin?

4. Where do pumpkins come from?

5. What color is a pumpkin?

6. What shape is a pumpkin?

All my kids got in on the action today so the answers are bought to you by Princess 10 1/2 yrs, Mr Man 6 yrs 11 months and Sweet Pea 4 1/2 yrs.

#1 What is a pumkin

Sweet Pea: Orange and brown, I'm just telling you the colors but don't write that down cuz I don't know what it is. But I know what is inside, NUTs are inside the pumkin

Mr Man: A thing you can grow

Princess: One of the traditions at halloween.

#2What do you do with a pumkin for halloween?

Sweet Pea: Put them outside on your pourch

Mr Man: Carve it

Princess: Carve it or paint it

#3 Is there anything else you can do with a pumkin

Sweet Pea: I don't know

Mr Man: Put it on your head(to which I said as I was LOL WHAT? so he went on to explain) if you carve it out alot you can put it on your head.

Princess: eat it

#4Where do pumkins come from

Sweet Pea: the store

Mr Man: a farm, a pumkin farm Sweet Pea jumps in and says "you be wrong,they come from stores" so Mr Man fights back "No your wrong you see they come from farms" Sweet Pea"noooooooooo me see them in the store" Mr Man "duhhhhhhhhhhhh that is because the farmer brings them there to sell them"

Princess: they come from seeds no wait don't put that down I want to change my answer to God, pumkins come from God.

#5 what color are pumkins

Sweet Pea: orange and brown

Mr Man: orange with green stripes

Princes: orange and the stims can be brown or green

#6 what shape is a pumkin

Sweet Pea: a circle

MrMan: rounded with a point on top

Princess: A sphere with cresses in it with a flat bottom (lol well then OK LOL)

So did you play??

Friday, October 13, 2006


While reading blogs tonight i came across this meme that looked like fun. found it at if you have time go over and check out her answers also.

9 Lasts...
1. Last place you were: Princess School to help decorate and help with the pep rally
2. Last drug used: tylenal(something about spending 30 mins in a gym with 500+ screaming and cheering 5th and 6th grader will do that to you LOL)
3. Last beverage: Hawaiian Punch
4. Last kiss: About an hour ago
5. Last movie seen: Car's with the kids this summer
6. Last phone call: my dad about an 30 mins ago
7. Last cd played: a mixed cd of worship songs
8. Last bubble bath: Not a clue.
9. Last time you cried: Wed as I was typing out
In My Heart Forever

8Have You Evers...
1. Have you ever dated someone twice: Yeap married him also
2. Have you ever been cheated on: Unfortunately
3. Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it? Yes oh yes more then once
4. Have you ever fallen in love: Yes
5. Have you ever lost someone: Yes
6. Have you ever been depressed: Yes
7. Have you ever been out of the country: Yes
8. Have you ever been on TV: Yes

7 States You've Been To:
1. Florida
2) New York
3. Texas
4) Tenneesse
5. Michigan
6 Pennsyvania
7. Virgina

6 Things You've Done Today...
1. Cleaned the house
2. made halloween costumes
3. decorated for halloween
4. Went to Princess school to help the cheerleading moms(that would be me) and football moms get the gym ready for the pep rally
5. played with the kids
6. watch Lost and the Nine(that i taped on Wed)

5 Favorite Things...
1. DH
2. Princess
3. Mr Man
4. Sweet pea
5. Little man

4 People You Can Tell Almost Anything...
1. DH
2. Mom
3 my cyber sisters who i have been posting with for year
4 I guess anyone who reads my blog since i seem to tell it all here LOL

3 Favorite Colors...
1. Black
2. Pink
3. Navy blue

2 things you want to do before you die...
1. See all my children except Christ
2. be a grandma and be part of my Great Grandkids life for as long as God will let me.

1 thing you regret
1. That I couldnt come up with anything more entertaining to blog about tonight ;)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What is your purpose?

"We can decide to abide in Him and make that our one purpose, trusting in Him to fulfill any other purposes He has planned through us." ~ Lauran from Faith Lifts

I have never read this blog before today and just happend upon it while reading other blogs. This was part of what i read today and I couldn't agree more. So i wanted to link you to it. so here you go, hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
I think this will be a blog i'll be reading more of.

In My Heart Forever

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.
I would dear say most people didn't even know there was such a day. I never heard of it until after I lost our angle
On April 16, 2004 life as i knew it changed, I had to life though the biggest heart break and pain I had ever felt. I was laying there on the ultra sound table listening to the tech telling me everything looked good, everything was in place so there was really no reason for my spotting, but then she said, OH now I'm not seeing a heart beat. I was 13 weeks along with my little bean. There should have been a heartbeat.

No one goes into the joy of pregnancy thinking it will end like this. This baby wasn't planned for us. Two months earlier I stood in the bathroom looking at the + home PG test i went into shock, it took about a day and another home test to have it sink in we were going to have a baby, this would be baby #4 , Oh me i was going to have 4 kids, what would I do with 4 kids.. but by day 2 I was maddly in love with my baby. I started to show early with her also, you know after having 3 kids there were no tone in my tummy. So as this baby made herself comfy in there my tummy just popped right on out there.
Everynight after putting the older 3 kids to sleep and DH went to work, I would lay in bed and we would have these nice long talks, about all the stuff she was going to do once she was born. How she was going to have two big sisters and a big brother who were going to make her crazy, but that they already loved her jsut as much as mommy and daddy did. You know when there is a little life growing in you, you have all sorts of hopes and dreams for that little tiny person. How was I going to except that my baby was gone, that her little body was still inside of me but she had already gone home to be with God.
A few hours after my ultrasound that day i was sitting in with my OB, almost begging him to tell me this was a mistake, that that perfect little baby with the tiny perfect head and those cute little arms and legs that i had just saw on the ultrasound was going to be ok, that i would get to hold my little girl in my arms, that this was all just a mistake. Sadly he couldn't tell me that, what he was telling me is that i had a Missed Miscarrage and I had two opptions, i could wait and see if the baby passed on her own, but he told me that could be painful(like labour) and there is a chance of ending up in the hospital anyways, or to have a D&C. I was in no way shape or form able to make this sort of decission in the state i was in. I was still thinking as long as she was still inside of me we had hope.
Four days later I picked the D&C. So a week after finding out my baby was gone, I got up early early in the morning to go to the hospital.. I don't remember much of that day except crying my eyes out alot. I do remember being wheeled into the OR and crying and crying, I was drugged, you know that stage right before you fall asleep for surgery. But i remember this like yesterday. As I was crying and crying, my OB bent over and asked me if i was Ok, I yelled "NO i'm not ok, don't take my baby, i want my baby please I want my baby" My OB started to cry also, he put his arm around my head, sort of hugging my head and he wipped my tears away as tears were flowing down his face also, he bent over and kissed the top of my head and said "i know, i'm so sorry" and that is the last thing i remember before waking up in recovery.
There is just so much i could write here, like what happend in recovery and how i couldn't stop crying and saying I want my baby back. or how i felt numb and sick the rest of the day. It wasn't until I got home and my kids got home that I had to pull myself together to be there mom, Sweet Pea climbed into bed with me still a baby herself and wanted to nurse, so i nursed her and that really helped. Princess brought me roses, and Mr Man gave me the biggest hug and kiss. Princess and Mr Man took this really hard REALLY HARD.

God used this though, Something broke in me when we lost Alyssa that i know will never be fixed until We are home with the Lord, but I grew, I grew So much. There has never been a time in my life up to that point or since that I had to learn to lean on God so much. The Only thing that got me though day to day was resting in Gods arm. Knowing that i could never make sences of why my baby was gone, but trusting that God was in control, and even if I don't know why, there is a reason, there is a plan and God was there to get me though this.

I didn't write down who wrote this, but it was in my devotions booklets at the time of dealing with the lose of Alyssa and i wrote it down and kept it

For all the heartaches and the tears
For gloomy days and restless years
I do give thanks , for now I know
These were the things that helped me grow

Today i was in my closet and opened up the box that i keep Alyssa's things in, and came across that pome and felt i should blog it even if I don't know who the auther is. In my box i have a blanket i had bought for her, the roses that Princess gave me on the day of the d&c the + home PG test, and the three ultra sound pic.

Yes October 15th is pregnancy and infant lose Rememberance day, but even if it wasn't, This time of the year would alway touch my heart and have me remembering my little angle. She was due Octber 29, 2004, which just so happend to be mine and DH's 10 year wedding anniversary. I never excepted her to be born that day, I was planning her to come early, just like her 3 older sisters and brother. Princess was 15 days early, so was Mr Man and Sweet Pea came 16 days early. so going by that October 13, 14 or 15th sounds about right for the time she would have been placed in my arms.
This week Alyssa would have been having her 2nd birthday. My Little Girl would have been 2 years old. I'm sure she would have looked like her two big sisters with blond hair and blue eyes and just as cute as a button. I wonder what she would have wanted her birthday theme to be and what kind of cake she would have asked for. At two years old Princess wanted The Little Mermaid and Sweet Pea wanted Strawberry Shortcake. Whatever it would have been it would have been the best day.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, even if mommy can't be there to sing Happy birthday to you. I love you and miss you very much, Love mommy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Way Back Wednesday 10/11/06

This week The Kept Women had this for us for WayBackWed. Autumnal Bliss! Calling all pictures of pumpkins, scarecrows, hay and leaves!

I went a little over board this week, but who cares(right you don't mind really do you?LOL) I was having fun.

This 1st shot is really hard to see it was taken in the Fall of 1979. I was about 6 years old, I'm the one standing, my sister was 4 year old and my brother was 1 years old. Well seeing how mine and my sisters birthday are in Nov i'm guessing we were closer to 7, 5 and my brother about 17 or 18 months.

These next two shots were either Oct 31 or the first few days of Novemeber 1984
I couldn't find a real pumkin shot so i'm useing these because my mom made our birthday cake a pumkin this year. My birthday is Nov. 9, 1972 but my sister's was Nov. 1, 1974 So many years we had our party around halloween and we always did our party together.

The people in this top pic from L to R back row, My mom, her sister Aunt D aunt D's husband(uncle C) and my mom's mom my grandma mimi who died last year this month. Center Row L to R. My cousin KJ, My Brother L, and my other cousin D. and in the Front row me at my 12th b-day party and my sister at her 10 year party.
Don't you just love those big glasses i'm supporting in these pics, LOL what was my parents and I thinking LOL. OH Man i just thought of something even better then my hair cut and my glasses OH ME.. you see the matching shirts we have on, well they were part of our birthday gifts from my grandma(she also got my cousin KJ her shirt) and it just didn't come with the shirt, they came with matching leg warmers in the same lovely color of blue with the different color strips and the unicorns on them.. I was such a nerd, i though they were cool LOL.

Now to jump way head in time to Fall 2003 and a few shots of my babies.
Here we have Princess at 7 1/2 years old, Mr Man a month away from turning 4 years old, and Sweet Pea at 20 months old.

Ok so these aren't soooooo WAY BACK but they are from last year, that is a little back :)
Fall 2005 Here is Little Man at 5 months old

Last pic of the day is Last year also Fall 2005
Pincess 9 1/2 years old, Mr Man a month away from turning 6, Sweet Pea 3 1/2 years old and Little Man 5 months old.

Hope you enjoyed my Autumnal Bliss! Did you play?? Let me know so i can come check out your WayBackWed.

Guess i can post this now it is about 12:10am on Wed. 10/11/06 wonder if this means i'm the 1st to play YEAH ME!!!

Interim Report's

Just thought i would share that i posted a new post over at my school talk blog.
not an extreamly exciting blog, but I like to blog about how the kids do on there school work so that is where i do it.
Why do i have a different blog to talk about school, mostly cuz I'm clueless LOL
when i 1st started blogging I wanted to type out the kids report cards and all there end of the year rewards and when i did it here it messed up my format and i couldn't figure out how to fix it, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I started a new blog to keep that sort of stuff inorder to keep my format here looking nice.

Anyways. here is the link if your interested.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Cast

On Sept 26, 2006 Mr Man broke his arm during soccer. On Sept 28, 2006 they put the cast on.

This is the day they put the cast on. The lighting is really bad in these shots they were taken at my mom's house up in her computer room.

Mr Man couldn't take his eyes off his new green cast. Green is his favorite color after all and he was the one who got to pick which color cast he would have.

his sister signed his cast 1st, but those silly girls drew hearts by there names and that wouldn't do, This was a boys cast after all so he colored in the hearts and made cross bones though them LOL.

His cast now is running out of places to be signed, he has took his marker with him everywhere he has gone, school, church, awana's and to his soccer game this past saturday where he sat with his team cheering them on.

We were back at the doctors on Oct 3, 2006 where they did another x-rays, it seems to be healing the way they had hopped. He will go back on Oct 25th if all is well they will take the cast off that day and put on a removeable splint which he will have to wear for another 3 weeks. Poor Mr man hates not being able to run around playing, jumping and basicly just being a boy and it drives him crazy not being able to play the rest of the soccer season. Good news is his basket ball won't start up until after his splint is off.

BTW the color of the word in this post is the color of his cast.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Soccer Star

Here is my little Soccer Star.

Mr Man really loves to play soccer

and he is pretty good at it also

even though you can't score when your goalie it's one of his favorite spots to play

The 2006 Fall team.

Friday, October 06, 2006

God is Good.

It always amazes me just how he knows what i need and when i need it.
DH is working tonight it is overtime all of it, I was thinking great we could use the money. We can always use the money,we are a live pay check to pay check sort family with only DH working and providing for the 6 of us. The only thing that keeps me from loseing my mind with worry about how we will pay the bills is God promiss to provide all our NEEDS.

Twenty minuts ago my DH calls me from work and tells me I'm going to need to find a way to get a car tomorrow morning(we are down to just one at the moment and no money to get another at this time) to get Princess to her volleyball game, because he was going to work 12 hours insteed of just the 8. This in an of itself isn't too much of a problem my grandparents live 5 mins from me and are always willing to help with stuff like this. I'll just call them in the morning and set it up. The problem is the reason why he feels the need to stay over. He got a speeding ticket on the way to work

A Ticket... this is so not good, this makes #3 for him in the last 12 months, this is the 2nd one since September. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can not just pay this tickest since it is #3 he has to go to court.. He was all upset, I love my DH but he doesn't handel things going wrong with much grace. He thinks this one is going to cost in the $150 range, you know money we do not have. WEll basicly whatever he makes tonight working will go to pay this ticket.

We get off the phone and all sorts of worry starts to sets into my brain, stuff like we really needed that money, we have bills to pay, we need another car or at least the money to fix the transmisson his our one that is broken down. Then the panic of What if they give him a higher price of the ticket and then it hit me this is #3 in 12 months insurance is going to jump up just one more thing we can't do right now.. you know all the worries and stuff that I should be trusting God with.

I was about to go to bed because i was upset and didn't feel like reading blogs anymore when God reminded me It would be nice if i spent some time with HIM. You see i have been slipping lately in my walk with God, it makes me sad to say this but it is true, I get so busy doing this and doing that that i don't take time for me and God. My devotions have gone by the way side, I'm still doing them with the kids and still having them learn verses and stuff, But MY time in Gods word has taken a back seat to me rushing around doing this and doing that and then passing out at night. Well the reminded from him that he placed in my heart as i walked to the bedroom got me to stop turn around and I got my Bible and linked up to to get the reading from todays Our Daily Bread

here is part of what i read.
In the spiritual realm, we're more likely to find that life is filled with unexpected free falls. The loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or a terminated job can make us feel as if we're dropping into the unknown. For believers, there is a spiritual "parachute"—the loving arms of God.

Thousands of years ago, Moses wrote these words to the Israelites just before he died: "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms" (Deut. 33:27). The words "everlasting arms" refer to the protection and preservation of God's people. Despite the stressful circumstances they would surely face, they could rest in the assurance of God's watchful care.

Do you feel as if you're in a free fall? Take heart. God's loving arms are there to catch you. —Dennis FisherDennis Fisher-->

O the sweet unfailing refugeOf the everlasting arms;In their loving clasp enfoldedNothing worries or alarms. —Hennessay

With God behind you and His arms beneath you, you can face whatever lies ahead of you.

WOW... God is so good. He knows what I need when I need it.
I don't know what God will do or how he will work this out, But I know He will be with us, He will provide for us and He will never leave us.

On June 29,2006 i posted this It apply here also.

Thank you God for getting my attention and laying on my heart my need for more of YOU. Thank you for know what i need and then for leading me to the place i need to be to get it. Thank you for loving me, for giving your life for me.
I Love You.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

OH Man I Missed Out on Alot of Money.

Mr Man came home from school turned on animal planet and watched The Planets funniest Animals. Then afterwards he said to me "mom we need to tape sox(our cat) doing something funny to send it in and win the money"
Then he went and started to play he set himself up a hotwheel track and started playing hotwheels. Next thing you know i hear him yelling "MOM COME QUICK AND BRING THE CAMERA" I went running over and there he is playing hotwheel but the cat is laying across the track trying to stop every car Mr Man pushes.. Mr Man says "where is the camera" I told him the video camera was still at grandmas house, that i hadn't brought it home yet and he says, "OH MAN you just cost us a Billion dollars"

Way Back Wednesday 10/4/06

This week TKW had this for us
I like your wheels man. We've seen the technology of the past, now how about some cars. Can't think of one? Look in other pictures to see if there's a car in the background.

I knew at my parents house there had to be a ton of pictures with me and cars in them I remember always standing infront of the car for a shot here and there so i called my mom and asked her to just pick which ever and send them over, theres are not the ones I had in mind but hey they work and I got to play WBW LOL so i'm happy.

This 1st one was May 1977 me and my sister before going to church I'm guessing maybe Easter because i know these were our easter dresses that year I was 4 1/2 years old and my sister was 2 1/2 years old

Skip ahead to March 1985, This was our vacation car us kids spent many many many a hour in this car fighting and driving my parents nuts. This was taken on a sunday morning before church I was 12, my sister there in the center was 10 and my brother was just about 7 years old.

Jump up five years to May 1990 and my Jr Prom. This car wasn't mine at the time but 4 years later when DH and I married it became my car and we had it till it died in 1998. this was me and my DH I was 17 years old

Now this little car was mine, It was the car i had in college don't remember the year of the car but it was a dayton and the only car I have ever had that was a stick. WEll at the end of Aug 1994 some little 16 year old rammed me in the backend, I was stopped waiting to make a left hand turn and this little goof was going 65 in a 25 zone(he just got out of school for the day and had a car full of 15 and 16 year old with him messing around) this is what it did to the car and the next pic is what it did to me.

I still get pains in my neck from this from time to time. btw i was 21 1/2 years old and just 2 months away from my wedding.

So there ya go I showed you my wheels.. I now drive a 1996 dodge grand caravan.. LOL.. I do love my van though but I think i'm in need of a new one seeing how this one is getting up there in years and miles.
So did you play??? Let me know and stop on by and Let TKW now you played also.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Before and After

On Sept 19, 2006 Little Man was looking cute and i had the camera close bye so i took a few pics

That night I was tired of seeing his hair in his eyes so i set out to trim up his bangs, ONLY he moved and to keep him from looking weird

I ended up cutting off his longer hair in the back to match the mistake we made in the front.

Now i have a clean cut Little man.

Mr Man on Fall

yesterdays sunday six was about fall, Mr Man did not play but when reading others answers to the sunday six I was reminded of a talk Mr Man and I had last week. I was reading MommyOutOfControl and her little one said something about calling it whatever we fell like.

Last week don't recall which day, but we were on our way home from, school and Mr Man said "do you know it's fall now?"
I said yes then he went on to say

"It is also called autumn, you call call it whatever you like, Fall or Autumn. Wonder why, oh i know because in Autumn the leaves fall, but if you can call Autumn fall, why can't you call Winter, Snow or Summer, sun?"

LOL so there ya have it Mr Man's thoughts about Fall.

Sunday Six 10/1/06

sunday six just a day late :)

yesterday was a bit busy around here and i didn't get a chance to play with all the kids but this morning, Sweet Pea was willing to play with me. Better late then never. Right?

1. What is Fall? When the leaves fall

2. Why do leaves change color? I don't know

3. What colors remind you of Fall? I don't know

4. Why do we call it Fall? Because the leaves fall off of the tree

5. What is your favorite thing about Fall? Jumping in leaves

6. What is the weather like where you live during Fall? I don't know, hold on let me check(she runs to the back door opens it up steps outside in her PJ's. Comes running back in and says) COLD very cold(it was only 53 out this morning)

There ya have it, What is Fall by Sweet Pea age 4 years 8 months old. Did you play?

Flashes of Austin Powers running though my head.

Little Man got hold of some mail i had placed on the back of the couch, also sitting on the back of the couch was his shoes which i took off and placed up there also, Yes i need to learn to put things away LOL

Anyways he got some of the mail and the shoes and knocked them down to the seat and he started to tear the mail up so i went and took it away from him as i had turned to walk away I got hit in the back of the head with a shoe.

Little Man had tossed his shoe at me for taking away the mail and the only think i could think of was

"Honestly Man who throws a shoe"