Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Six 10/15/06

Our Sunday six bought to us by Kelly for Oct 15, 2006. Here is what she had for us today.
Well, we're getting close to Halloween, so let's talk Pumpkins!

1. What is a pumpkin?

2. What do you do with a pumpkin for Halloween?

3. Is there anything else you can do with a pumpkin?

4. Where do pumpkins come from?

5. What color is a pumpkin?

6. What shape is a pumpkin?

All my kids got in on the action today so the answers are bought to you by Princess 10 1/2 yrs, Mr Man 6 yrs 11 months and Sweet Pea 4 1/2 yrs.

#1 What is a pumkin

Sweet Pea: Orange and brown, I'm just telling you the colors but don't write that down cuz I don't know what it is. But I know what is inside, NUTs are inside the pumkin

Mr Man: A thing you can grow

Princess: One of the traditions at halloween.

#2What do you do with a pumkin for halloween?

Sweet Pea: Put them outside on your pourch

Mr Man: Carve it

Princess: Carve it or paint it

#3 Is there anything else you can do with a pumkin

Sweet Pea: I don't know

Mr Man: Put it on your head(to which I said as I was LOL WHAT? so he went on to explain) if you carve it out alot you can put it on your head.

Princess: eat it

#4Where do pumkins come from

Sweet Pea: the store

Mr Man: a farm, a pumkin farm Sweet Pea jumps in and says "you be wrong,they come from stores" so Mr Man fights back "No your wrong you see they come from farms" Sweet Pea"noooooooooo me see them in the store" Mr Man "duhhhhhhhhhhhh that is because the farmer brings them there to sell them"

Princess: they come from seeds no wait don't put that down I want to change my answer to God, pumkins come from God.

#5 what color are pumkins

Sweet Pea: orange and brown

Mr Man: orange with green stripes

Princes: orange and the stims can be brown or green

#6 what shape is a pumkin

Sweet Pea: a circle

MrMan: rounded with a point on top

Princess: A sphere with cresses in it with a flat bottom (lol well then OK LOL)

So did you play??


Bluepaintred said...

lol i like how you kept putting in what she said when she told you not to. and the fight LOL. i have to seperate my kids when i do it or Blue boy just copies Rainbow Mans answers!

i just LOVE Sunday Sixes

KC said...

LOL I did take sweet pea off into a room of her own and asked her the questions 1st so she didnt just copy what Princess or Mr Man said, but she was in the room with me when I asked Mr Man the questions LOL that is how the fight started.

Anonymous said...

That was too, too cute! Thanks for sharing your sleeping tips, I appreciate it!

sari said...

Kids, they make me laugh!

Fantastagirl said...

I have to ask tink 1st otherwise it's a copy session.

I love the "disagreement" because I can hear it - and am laughing because that's how my sibilings and i would have answered the questions if we had such a thing as sunday six when we were kids.

Love reading your answers...