Monday, October 09, 2006

The Cast

On Sept 26, 2006 Mr Man broke his arm during soccer. On Sept 28, 2006 they put the cast on.

This is the day they put the cast on. The lighting is really bad in these shots they were taken at my mom's house up in her computer room.

Mr Man couldn't take his eyes off his new green cast. Green is his favorite color after all and he was the one who got to pick which color cast he would have.

his sister signed his cast 1st, but those silly girls drew hearts by there names and that wouldn't do, This was a boys cast after all so he colored in the hearts and made cross bones though them LOL.

His cast now is running out of places to be signed, he has took his marker with him everywhere he has gone, school, church, awana's and to his soccer game this past saturday where he sat with his team cheering them on.

We were back at the doctors on Oct 3, 2006 where they did another x-rays, it seems to be healing the way they had hopped. He will go back on Oct 25th if all is well they will take the cast off that day and put on a removeable splint which he will have to wear for another 3 weeks. Poor Mr man hates not being able to run around playing, jumping and basicly just being a boy and it drives him crazy not being able to play the rest of the soccer season. Good news is his basket ball won't start up until after his splint is off.

BTW the color of the word in this post is the color of his cast.


Fantastagirl said...

Pan and Tink would love to sign his cast! (Pan thinks casts are sooo cool, cause the young guy in his class that has one is the coolest, and sooo tough!) And GREEN is an awesome color - has special meaning for our family! Hope his arm heals quickly!

sari said...

The green is cool, I like it too.

Good to hear it's healing the right way!!

Mama C said...

I'm so glad my Trouble didn't break a bone. That has to be soooo hard.

Very cute of making those hearts go away.