Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bet You didn't Know.

That my birthday (November 9th) is also an American holiday?????
I didn't even know this until sunday when i was reading Kirsten's blog and she had posted this website.

Are you ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok here it is

November 9 is . . . . . Chaos Never Dies Day

I'm LOL so hard right now.. there has never been a day that fits me to a tee as much as this. Chaos is my life LOL
4 kids doing every activity under the sun, Me being the most unorgainzed person I know.. you can figure the rest of this out for yourself, BUT let me just share an
examples of my life and how Chaos never Dies Day is perfect for me to have been born that day.
Saturday afternoon i got all the kids awana's vest and shirts and books together and put them in a bag so come sunday night (after getting home from picking the younger kids up from my moms, after getting back from Princess cheerleading/football game, which we went to right after morning church) I could grab the bag, put there vest on, and head out the door with all there awans stuff for church/awans sunday night. Here i was so proud of myself for trying to be organized, ONLY for sunday night to roll around and it's time to head out the door for church.. and I CAN"T FIND THE BAG!!!!!!!!!!! I looked all over the house distorying the dinningroom, where i"m sure i had placed it on an extra chair i had in there.(not that my dinning room or any other part of my house was clean anyways) We ended up about 5 mins late for church/awans and the kids showed up with no vest and no books. It wasn't till yesterday when Little Man dumped his breakfest on the floor and I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up that there I found the bag just sitting nicely under his high chair.
~sigh~ here sunday night i had 5 people looking everywhere in everyroom for this bag of awanas stuff and there it sat so nicely under the high chair.. HOW DID WE MISS THAT.. OH Well.. next sunday hopefully I'll know where they are.

Yes November 9 is . . . . . Chaos Never Dies Day and my birthday LOL.

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