Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Six(10/21/06) happy birthday Jenelle.

Sunday Six, in honor of Kelly's(the mind behind Sunday six) dd Jenelle's 4th Birthday

1. How do we celebrate birthdays?
2. Do you know anyone having a birthday today?
3. Why do we celebrate birthdays?
4. What happens at a birthday party?
5. When is your birthday?
6. What do you do on your birthday?

Answered by Princess 10 yrs 9 months, Mr Man 6 yrs 11 months and Sweet Pea 4 years 9months.

#1) How do we celebrat birthdays?

Princess: With a Party

Mr Man: presents, cake icecream, get to have a party. Sometimes you will get a big big box all wrapped up and you open it only to find another box inside all wrapped up, you open that one and there is another box and it keeps going and going and then there is only one little gift inside, sometimes that can take a long time. Ok that is all i'm going to say what's the next question.

Sweet Pea: Get presents

#2) Do you know anyone with a birthday today

Princess: No

Mr Man: No

Sweet Pea: No

#3) Why do we celebrate birthdays

Princess: because we get older

Mr Man: Because it's the day you've been born

Sweet Pea: because it's fun people come over and give me presents.

#4) What Happens at birthday parties?

Princess: Everything, games, food, presents and fun

Mr Man: Presents, cake ice cream fun stuff, movies, sleepovers.

Sweet Pea: Open presents, say thank you and give kisses then eat cake, Hey do we have any cake.

#5) When is your birthday?

Princess: come on you know, NO NO don't write that down, January 18th.

Mr Man: Novemeber 15th

Sweet Pea: I don't know (her birthday is January 29th)

#6) What do you do on your birthday?

Princess: Go to a hotel with my friends and celebrate

Mr Man: A bunch of fun stuff

Sweet Pea: eat cake and ice cream.. YEAH!!!!!!!! eat cake.

So there you have it this weeks Sunday six , leave a comment if you played(or if you didn't and just feel like commenting LOL) and don't forget to click the link and wish Kelly's dd Jenelle a Happy 4th birthday today.

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