Friday, October 06, 2006

God is Good.

It always amazes me just how he knows what i need and when i need it.
DH is working tonight it is overtime all of it, I was thinking great we could use the money. We can always use the money,we are a live pay check to pay check sort family with only DH working and providing for the 6 of us. The only thing that keeps me from loseing my mind with worry about how we will pay the bills is God promiss to provide all our NEEDS.

Twenty minuts ago my DH calls me from work and tells me I'm going to need to find a way to get a car tomorrow morning(we are down to just one at the moment and no money to get another at this time) to get Princess to her volleyball game, because he was going to work 12 hours insteed of just the 8. This in an of itself isn't too much of a problem my grandparents live 5 mins from me and are always willing to help with stuff like this. I'll just call them in the morning and set it up. The problem is the reason why he feels the need to stay over. He got a speeding ticket on the way to work

A Ticket... this is so not good, this makes #3 for him in the last 12 months, this is the 2nd one since September. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He can not just pay this tickest since it is #3 he has to go to court.. He was all upset, I love my DH but he doesn't handel things going wrong with much grace. He thinks this one is going to cost in the $150 range, you know money we do not have. WEll basicly whatever he makes tonight working will go to pay this ticket.

We get off the phone and all sorts of worry starts to sets into my brain, stuff like we really needed that money, we have bills to pay, we need another car or at least the money to fix the transmisson his our one that is broken down. Then the panic of What if they give him a higher price of the ticket and then it hit me this is #3 in 12 months insurance is going to jump up just one more thing we can't do right now.. you know all the worries and stuff that I should be trusting God with.

I was about to go to bed because i was upset and didn't feel like reading blogs anymore when God reminded me It would be nice if i spent some time with HIM. You see i have been slipping lately in my walk with God, it makes me sad to say this but it is true, I get so busy doing this and doing that that i don't take time for me and God. My devotions have gone by the way side, I'm still doing them with the kids and still having them learn verses and stuff, But MY time in Gods word has taken a back seat to me rushing around doing this and doing that and then passing out at night. Well the reminded from him that he placed in my heart as i walked to the bedroom got me to stop turn around and I got my Bible and linked up to to get the reading from todays Our Daily Bread

here is part of what i read.
In the spiritual realm, we're more likely to find that life is filled with unexpected free falls. The loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or a terminated job can make us feel as if we're dropping into the unknown. For believers, there is a spiritual "parachute"—the loving arms of God.

Thousands of years ago, Moses wrote these words to the Israelites just before he died: "The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms" (Deut. 33:27). The words "everlasting arms" refer to the protection and preservation of God's people. Despite the stressful circumstances they would surely face, they could rest in the assurance of God's watchful care.

Do you feel as if you're in a free fall? Take heart. God's loving arms are there to catch you. —Dennis FisherDennis Fisher-->

O the sweet unfailing refugeOf the everlasting arms;In their loving clasp enfoldedNothing worries or alarms. —Hennessay

With God behind you and His arms beneath you, you can face whatever lies ahead of you.

WOW... God is so good. He knows what I need when I need it.
I don't know what God will do or how he will work this out, But I know He will be with us, He will provide for us and He will never leave us.

On June 29,2006 i posted this It apply here also.

Thank you God for getting my attention and laying on my heart my need for more of YOU. Thank you for know what i need and then for leading me to the place i need to be to get it. Thank you for loving me, for giving your life for me.
I Love You.


Mainline Mom said...

Hey...great post...wonderful reminder of a lot of things for me, including needing to spend more time with Him and the fact that we are SOOO blest not to have to worry about money. Not that there isn't plenty of other things to worry about...

Carol said...

If only I could remember that more often. We are also paycheck to paycheck, and struggling with it. And somehow we always manage to get through. I need to learn to thank Him more often.