Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Way Back Wednesday 10/11/06

This week The Kept Women had this for us for WayBackWed. Autumnal Bliss! Calling all pictures of pumpkins, scarecrows, hay and leaves!

I went a little over board this week, but who cares(right you don't mind really do you?LOL) I was having fun.

This 1st shot is really hard to see it was taken in the Fall of 1979. I was about 6 years old, I'm the one standing, my sister was 4 year old and my brother was 1 years old. Well seeing how mine and my sisters birthday are in Nov i'm guessing we were closer to 7, 5 and my brother about 17 or 18 months.

These next two shots were either Oct 31 or the first few days of Novemeber 1984
I couldn't find a real pumkin shot so i'm useing these because my mom made our birthday cake a pumkin this year. My birthday is Nov. 9, 1972 but my sister's was Nov. 1, 1974 So many years we had our party around halloween and we always did our party together.

The people in this top pic from L to R back row, My mom, her sister Aunt D aunt D's husband(uncle C) and my mom's mom my grandma mimi who died last year this month. Center Row L to R. My cousin KJ, My Brother L, and my other cousin D. and in the Front row me at my 12th b-day party and my sister at her 10 year party.
Don't you just love those big glasses i'm supporting in these pics, LOL what was my parents and I thinking LOL. OH Man i just thought of something even better then my hair cut and my glasses OH ME.. you see the matching shirts we have on, well they were part of our birthday gifts from my grandma(she also got my cousin KJ her shirt) and it just didn't come with the shirt, they came with matching leg warmers in the same lovely color of blue with the different color strips and the unicorns on them.. I was such a nerd, i though they were cool LOL.

Now to jump way head in time to Fall 2003 and a few shots of my babies.
Here we have Princess at 7 1/2 years old, Mr Man a month away from turning 4 years old, and Sweet Pea at 20 months old.

Ok so these aren't soooooo WAY BACK but they are from last year, that is a little back :)
Fall 2005 Here is Little Man at 5 months old

Last pic of the day is Last year also Fall 2005
Pincess 9 1/2 years old, Mr Man a month away from turning 6, Sweet Pea 3 1/2 years old and Little Man 5 months old.

Hope you enjoyed my Autumnal Bliss! Did you play?? Let me know so i can come check out your WayBackWed.

Guess i can post this now it is about 12:10am on Wed. 10/11/06 wonder if this means i'm the 1st to play YEAH ME!!!


Jana said...

Great pictures! Your kids are adorable!

I played!

Christie said...

lol, great photos
happy wbw!

I played :)

Anonymous said...

Those are so great! I love the pumpkin cake!!

The Kept Woman said...

Awwwwww...dammit. Now I'm gonna cry. Peanut was 5-7 months last fall...she's a big girl at 18 mos. old now.

(must resist urge to get knocked up again)

Love the pumpkin cake! Your mom was talented. I will spare my kids of anymore homemade cakes since I'm not so talented in the cake decorating category.

KC said...

Little Man will be 17 months on oct 14th. cant say i have any urge to be knocked up again LOL. I have been in that state 5 times over 10 years. I"M SOOOOOOO DONE. :)

BTW I don't have the God give gift of cake decorating either. BUT my mom lives 30 minuts from us so we still get the homemade cakes for the kids birthday, other wise it would be store bought cake for me too. My sister did get moms gift for sewing and cakes and just all around being crafty. Not me though I'm lacking in all the above