Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Way Back Wednesday 10/4/06

This week TKW had this for us
I like your wheels man. We've seen the technology of the past, now how about some cars. Can't think of one? Look in other pictures to see if there's a car in the background.

I knew at my parents house there had to be a ton of pictures with me and cars in them I remember always standing infront of the car for a shot here and there so i called my mom and asked her to just pick which ever and send them over, theres are not the ones I had in mind but hey they work and I got to play WBW LOL so i'm happy.

This 1st one was May 1977 me and my sister before going to church I'm guessing maybe Easter because i know these were our easter dresses that year I was 4 1/2 years old and my sister was 2 1/2 years old

Skip ahead to March 1985, This was our vacation car us kids spent many many many a hour in this car fighting and driving my parents nuts. This was taken on a sunday morning before church I was 12, my sister there in the center was 10 and my brother was just about 7 years old.

Jump up five years to May 1990 and my Jr Prom. This car wasn't mine at the time but 4 years later when DH and I married it became my car and we had it till it died in 1998. this was me and my DH I was 17 years old

Now this little car was mine, It was the car i had in college don't remember the year of the car but it was a dayton and the only car I have ever had that was a stick. WEll at the end of Aug 1994 some little 16 year old rammed me in the backend, I was stopped waiting to make a left hand turn and this little goof was going 65 in a 25 zone(he just got out of school for the day and had a car full of 15 and 16 year old with him messing around) this is what it did to the car and the next pic is what it did to me.

I still get pains in my neck from this from time to time. btw i was 21 1/2 years old and just 2 months away from my wedding.

So there ya go I showed you my wheels.. I now drive a 1996 dodge grand caravan.. LOL.. I do love my van though but I think i'm in need of a new one seeing how this one is getting up there in years and miles.
So did you play??? Let me know and stop on by and Let TKW now you played also.


Hope said...

I love the station aunt had one like that..brings back lots of memories.

But forget about the cars!! The prom dress is classic. :)

I played, too.

The Kept Woman said...

Dang it...I can't see the first and last pictures...I wanted to see what that turd did to your car!!!

I love the woody station wagon though!!!