Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In Times Of Trouble

" In Time of Trouble"

In Time of Trouble Say.......

>first- God brought me here; it is by His will I am in this strait place: In That I will rest

> Next- He will keep me in HIs love, and give me grace in this trial to behave as His Child

>Then- He will make the trial a blessing, teaching me the lessons He intended me to learn, and working in me the grace He means to bestow.

>Last- In HIs good time He can bring me out again- how and when He knows

> Then We Can Safely Say: I am Here-

1. By God's appointment
2. In HIs keeping
3. Under His training
4. For His time

by. Andrew Murray

"offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me." (Psalm 50:14-15)

Just In Time

Just In Time

What a day I have had. I don't even know where to start this. Guess I should start by saying we have been down to one vehicle since Sept 2005, when my husbands car blew up and he started driving my van to work. We have gone back and forth on weather we should get another work car for him or a new van and back and forth and back and forth

Well today I got a car, since the van was in his name I went ahead and put the car in mine. I spent the whole morning doing stuff like getting the title changed into my name, buying new plates, getting insurance on the car.

Back tracking a bit for the last two weeks there has been a screeching in the front of the van which i was sure was the breaks going bad, ONLY we never had a free day that we didn't NEED to have the van to get someone some place so we hadn't had it fixed yet.

Since i now had a car that we could get Princess to her ball game tonight in I went ahead and set up the time to have the breaks done for tonight(my dad does my breaks so it was just a matter of making sure he could do them tonight) We really needed them done before Friday because FRiday morning we were making a 5 hour trips into mountins to go to DHs family reunion.

After work we took the van to my dad, my mom watched the younger kids, and DH and I took Princess to her ball game. When we came back our breaks were fixed but dad said he had bad news. Both of our front tie rods(think that is what he called it) were broken off and the van was unsafe to drive.


The garage can't get the van in tomorrow the earliest they can get it in is Friday morning, and they said it should be done Friday night..

Well POOP we are to be on the road by 9am friday morning traveling down with the in-laws to the reunion.. Not sure what is going to happen now.

but on a Plus side I guess we got the car Just In Time

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Camping Stories

Some camping stories

here are those few stories i wanted to share about the camping trip but didn't have the time to type out the other day..

the 1st one was our 1st night there.
If you recall we didn't get there till really late and Little Man had fallen asleep in the van. Anyways we left him sleep we didn't move him or anything.. it was about 11:30pm and I was in the tent with the other 4 kids getting them in Pj's and tucked in and changing into my Pj's ONLY Little Man woke up scared out of his mind screaming his head off. DH was outside it wasn't as if we left him alone, ONLY he didn't know where he was and DH wasn't who he wanted so he is having a melt down just crying and screaming.. I'm changing as fast as I could because i knew I was going to be the only person who could get him to stop crying..
I was just about done when i heard someone say something but couldn't make out what it was, when I got out of the tent DH was like two sites over(there was no one right next to us so I could see him two sites over) Little Man was still crying and DH didn't look too happy.. I guess what I missed was this older guy in his 60's I would say walked over and Yelled at DH for Little Man crying.

the old fart came over and yelled " This camp has a quite time and we are in it now" Then he took back off to his site. That old fart was lucky i wasn't the one who heard him at the time, because after the day i had sunday I would have went off on him. DH walked over there and nicely said, I'm sorry but the baby wants his mom and she is changing right now he will be claimed down soon. The the old fart started yelling at DH more.. "Babies shouldn't cry at night" At that point the man ticked DH off LOL DH started to LOL and said "never had kids have you" the old fart said "I had two kids and they never once cried at night ever, Babies should be asleep at this time of night not outside walking around and screaming" DH just said "Oh Please" and walked away.. handed me Little Man who as soon as I sat down to nurse him stopped screaming.. Then he told me what went on with this guy.. I was so wishing Little Man had woke up again though the night so i could let him scream a bit before going to him LOL..

The 2nd story i wanted to share really isn't a story.. it was about the sky on monday night.. i had never seen anything like it and I'm not sure I can explain it at all now but i did get some pics of it so once I get those pics online I'll just post a few pictures and not go into it right now but boy was it wild..

Should Have Lost that Shirt Long ago

Should Have Lost that Ball Shirt Long Ago!!!

I tell ya what, We should have lost that purple league softball shirt long ago. LOL
My Princess just had her best game ever tonight.. she batted four times, had 3 hits which got her 4 RBI's and her 4th time up she walked. They ended up winning 14-6.
Her 1st at bat she got up hit the 1st pitch was a hard drive just right of the short stop, her 2nd was a hard line drive just past the pitcher but it had so much speed on it that it didn't stop until it was in left center field before it hit the ground, and her 3rd was a fly ball out to right center field. Her 4th time up to bat they walked her.

It must have been the shirt LOL. since we never did find her shirt she wore her state fastpitch tournament t-shirt that they bought not this past weekend but the weekend before, so there she was standing out from all the other girls, in this what looks like the sleeves had been cut off the shirt t-shirt(but it was made to look that way they weren't cut off) she looked really tough like some bad butt sport player and then she was hitting like a power house(her 1st base fielding was on tonight also). She just looked impressive all around.

My sister in law in the asst. coach for this team and the coaches have matching shirt as the girls uniforms. After the game she asked Aubrie if she wanted to use her shirt for the next game. Princess said No thank you I think i'll stick with my lucky shirt LOL..

So now we have a lucky shirt.. guess we will find out Wednesday how lucky her shirt is

The Case of the Missing Ball Shirt

The Case of The Missing Ball Shirt.

I just want to sit down and cry, I'm so frustrated. My Princess has a league game tonight. So last night I went to lay out her uniform so I would have it altogether ready to go. I found every thing except her shirt. I start retracing my steps so I can figure out where it might have ended up. Right now the house is so out of order its not even funny. All of this mess from camping, the flood the weekend away at the ball tournament has this house just a mess. After looking in all the normal places last night I gave up.

This morning I remembered the last time she wore it was last monday and after that game we went back to the campground.. Well the rest of her uniform made it home so where is this purple with yellow lettering shirt of hers..
I spent 3 YES THREE!!!!!! hours today turning this place upside down looking for it, I was almost in tears.
When Princess got home from cheerleading i asked her where was the last place she saw it and she said laying in a pile of cloths she had out of her suitcase inside of the tent while we were camping..

This might explain a lot. Wednesday night when we got the kids and went home during the big storms, Princess was afraid to leave her stuff and even though i told her we didn't have time to pack things up she grabbed everything in her arms and rain to the van with it. All her other cloths made it home, and I didn't see anything left behind at the camp site thursday when we took stuff down, but i'm wondering if she dropped it outside while running in the van and then with the strong wind we had that night if it didn't blow out of our campsite to one next to us which i wouldn't have seen it thursday when we went back

DH called her coach told him we can't find it he said it would be ok she could just were a different shirt. That is good I guess but this is still eating at me and I still keep looking every place around here making myself nuts

End Of Tournament Ball

End of the Tournament Play

This was it, this was the last weekend of My Princesses fastpitch tournament softball games.
It really wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. It was fun and it went by so fast. I guess her team does have one more weekend of play but We are going to a family reunion next weekend.
The girls have all had fun and improved over the last 5 weeks.

We still haven't heard anything about going to Disney to play next month so i guess that I'll take that as a no, that the organization didn't get the money for them to play. Oh well it was during our vacation to TN anyways

Princess had fun playing for the Wizards and for her 1st year I guess it was ok, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her coach was a dumb butt who didn't have a clue and wouldn't take any help. He played favoritism to his daughter and the 3 other girls from his home town. Sadly those 3 girls were the worse on the team they ended up being picked up right before the season started because one girl who had tried out and did all the clinics with the team all winter long broke her foot and another girl other moved out of state leaving the team short. ~sigh~ I could vent about this mans stupidity all night long, but I wont. I'm also not happy with the teams director, He told us each team would have real coaches, there to teach the girls and help them improve, that wasn't the case. At least not for the 10U team. The 12,14,16 and 18U teams all had the real coaches, but not the 10U. I don't know what happened but he couldn't find coaches so he asked DH to coach. DH didn't want too so he asked another girls dad and he said yes, they they talked DH into being asst.. DH right now even though he just wanted to be a dad watching int he stands is kicking himself for not doing the head coach because Ken(the man who was coach) was a jerk, mean to the girls, put them down, yelled at them, and the biggest reason we were losing games is he put his best players out in the outfield to give the infield to his little favorite girls from his home town who really shouldn't have been out there playing at all, they just weren't ready for this sort of competition..

Now Martin(the director) has promised all the ticked off parents of the girls who was with the team all winter long that next year he will have the coaches he promised us and that things will be run more professionally.. but he gave us that promised last winter also.. I don't think Princess will be playing Wizard ball next year.

Now that she has the year experience under her belt she is wanting to try out for 3 other teams and then if she makes them she will pick which one she wants to be on.. The team I'm hoping she makes is called the Waves, and they are only 20 minuts from our house.. Sure all the tournament they play in will be a bit of a drive but at least clinics and practices will be a lot closer then they were this year.

Enough ball for now it's one in the morning I need to get to sleep.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Besides the camping fun of the week, my town has declared a state of Emergency.
Thursday morning we woke up, tuned on the TV and saw our little small town on every news station from both the big cities we sandwiched in between.(we are about an hour and a half west of one and east of the other) Out town was under water. 1/2 of the town was flooded and underwater. Over 800 homes(at 1st report) was flooded and had flood damage.

We were some of the lucky ones.. we had water in our basement that went up 2 1/2 cement block high, it destroyed everything i had on the basement floor, my washer was floating and it knocked out the pilot light on the water heater. BUT I didn't know any of this till thursday late afternoon.. i was too worried and busy with our camping stuff and since i didn't see standing water on our end of town I didn't think to check my basement. Thankfully the water was gone and i was just left with the mess and a ring on the walls where the water was when i found the mess.

Tonight(sunday) is the night that we put our trash out and we ended up with 16 trash bags full of stuff that got messed up in our basement due to this flooding. Nothing I'm really going to miss, the biggest part of the stuff we lost was old cloths and shoes and toys that i was storing down there for when the younger one were older and needed them. I guess I'll miss the cloths in years to come but they were just too nasty and gross for me to deal with so out to the road they went. So that was that.. my basement is still wet and I'm going to need to bleach it all down and clean up any mold.
UGH YUCK it is gross down there right now. Besides that I still haven't figured out just the right place that my washer was(I have it on bricks incase of stuff like this). Now every time it is spinning it is shaking back and forth on the bricks all uneven.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Great, it just now hit me as I'm typing this. If my water heater pilot was out, maybe my furnace pilot is out also, only I didn't check that since it's summer and we aren't using the heater.. wonderful.. just one more thing to add to my to do list for tomorrow.

Camping Day 5

The End of Camping(day five.. Thursday)

Thursday morning we took the kids(except for Little Man) to my grandmas, DH and I went back to the flooded campground and took down our stuff packed it up and came home..
Thankfully our tent had stayed dried and we didn't lose anything, even though some of it was under water and was muddy.

But that was our camping trip.. cut short and ruined by rain and storms.

What is that you ask. Do i still like camping?? Will i ever go again??

OH Heck yes.. I love camping and if i had time this summer I would try to go again this summer.. I feel like I missed my camping trip this summer and if I find time I would pack it up and go again.

Camping Day 4

Day Four Wednesday

This was the day I just couldn't handle anymore camping..

DH and I had went to bed about 12:30am, Since it was such a nice day tuesday we had taken the blue rain tarp off of the tent and had put it away. MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At 4am it started to rain. DH and I went outside in the rain and got the tarp back on the tent got it all tied down and went back to bed.. at 9am i woke up it was still raining nice an heavy just like it was at 4am Everyone was still sleeping so i just went back to bed the kids woke up at 10am and So we all got up. IT WAS STILL RAINING. we got up brushed our teeth changed our cloths and was just waiting in the tent for the Rain to let up but it never did.. by 10:30am DH had had enough rain and said We are going home till the rain stops..
I agreed there wasn't anything we could do in the rain with the baby anyways.. if it was just the older ones a day in the tent might have been trying but still might have been do able but not with an active 13 month old who is walking and would hate to be in the tent all day long. So i packed up dirty cloths and stuff i wasn't using anymore and we climbed into the van and drove home.

Once at home it just kept raining and raining and raining.. around 4pm the sun was out and all looked well so we went back to camp.. we got there and there was a big mud/water puddle right in the middle of our campsite but the tent was dry and the fire ring was dry so DH made a fire while I put Little Man down for a nap. We cooked steaks over the fire, OH THEY WERE GOOD..
Problem was right as we were finishing up eating about 6:30 or 7pm we saw the wind pick up and big big big black clouds rolling in, i mean the likes of which i have never seen before.
My Princess who is deadly afraid of storms(like my friend Ami is) grabbed Sweet Pan and Mr Man and had them run into the laundry room with her.. Little Man was awake at this point eating his dinner so i left him finish eating while DH and I tied everything down and got everything put into the screen tent, main tent and van.

Next thing you know the Ranger is driving up and down the campground telling everyone to tie there stuff down and take shelter because sever storms are going to hit any min with hail, and winds up to 60 miles per hour and that we were also under a tornado warening. At this point I took the camping chairs and Little Man(who was in the stroller) over to the bathroom/laundry room(cement brick building) and was joined there by a ton of other ladies(mostly older 60' and 70' year olds ladies) A few of the kids Princess and Mr Man had met was in there with us but there parents came and told them they were leaving and heading for shelter at the super Wal-Mart 5 minunts from the camp grounds

After getting the kids settled I stepped outside to watch the storm blow in, OH MY GOODNESS it was so cool and scary.. i really really did think a tornado was going to drop right out of sky at any min, which freaked me out but in more of a rush sort of way not a panic way.. and i can hear my friend Ami now telling me i must be out of my mind LOL. I stood outside watching the lightning and the clouds, and the wind that was just blowing everything everywhere.. the kids were right inside the door, Princess was reading them books trying to keep herself from flipping out.. That was until a big crash of thunder and all the power in the campground went out.. at that point i went in with the kids and turned on the flashlights and the lantern, but with in 15 min the power was back on but the big part of the storm was there we all stayed in. The rain was coming so fast you just couldn't see anything though it and it was blowing sideways..
Around 9pm the storm had past and it was just raining heavily.. but DH who had been back at our campsite holding down the fort(crazy man only took shelter in the van because he wanted to be there if anything started to blow away) came over and told us he thought it was safe for us to come back, so we rushed it all back to the tent, i got the kids ready for bed, put in a movie into the portable dvd player for the 3 older ones to watch and I nursed Little Man to sleep..
DH was still outside and in the van watching stuff since it was still raining and raining and raining.. and another storm had blown in this flippingorm #5 for the day, it wasn't nearly as bad as the 1st one.. but by 11pm DH was in the tent telling me to pack what we needed we were leaving and sleeping at home.. the water in our campsite was knee deep in spots and was getting really close to the tent and there was no signs of the rain letting up anytime soon.. and besides that we were still under a tornado warening until 12:30am.

I grabbed pillows and blankets, bathroom stuff and the kids and we drove home though another flippen e storm.. Got everyone into our house in the pouring rain.. just got in the door, when the tornado sirens started to go off here in our town...

I just couldn't win. I took all the kids down the basement stayed down there for 30 minuts came back up was getting the kids to sleep, when they went off again and the cable was interrupted by the police saying there were two sighting of two different funnel clouds headed our way. Little Man was asleep in my arms so I had DH reach into the closet and get me his infant car seat and i placed him in it(this way i could move him and he would stay asleep) and the kids and I went back down the basement for another 30 min. Thankfully there were no touch downs..
and we all were able to sleep well even if we didn't get to bed until 3am.

Camping day 3

Day Three.... Tuesday

Tuesday was our only nice sunny and fun day of this camping trip..
Once again we slept in... OH I am telling you this sleeping till 9am thing is WONDERFUL!!!
I need to make the kids sleep out in fresh air more often, they all sleep so well when we are camping. One of the things DH and I like most about camping is how we can just throw the clock away and relax and take everything at a much slower pace, So we just took our old sweet time doing everything Tuesday morning. I think i got around to making breakfast at about 10am. I was making waffles(i took my waffle maker and we had electric at the camp site really roughing it you know LOL) we ate breakfast and the kids went to the playground(which was right across the street from our site) and DH took Little Man for a walk while i did the dishes and cleaned up..
When DH got back he had made up his mind that today should be Island day.. so we packed up the van and caught the 12pm ferry over to the Island we spent the day there doing island stuff and then went to the beach there, ended up at the beach for over 2 hours.. my kids love the beach.
After the beach we showered up and was going to go have dinner at my favorite restaurant on the Island only to find when we got there they had closed down and was under new ownership and didn't have my favorite wings anymore, so we just left and caught the 6pm ferry back over to the mainland and hit a steak house over there(LOL we didn't do hardly any camp cooking like we are use to doing)
We got back to the camp site after eating and make a campfire, DH and the two older kids took a night time hike, while Sweet Pean and I got all the making for smores ready, when they got back we did smores and the kids went to bed around 11:30pm that night. While DH and i sat by the fire for another hour.
and that was the end of our only sunny and fun day of camping.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Camping Day 2

Day Two Monday

Monday morning we woke up sort of late 9am. The kids played for about 30 min in the tent and then got dressed. We ate breakfest and while my niece and Princess helped me clean up from breakfest and helped get the tent cleaned up, DH took the younger 3 on a walk. When the older girls and I were done the 3 of us took walk down one of the nature trails that lead to the lake. That was fun, but sort of a long walk for me, out of shape as I am LOL.

After the walk we got dressed and the 7 of us went and spent about 2 hours at the beach. Which i had my pics of this camping trip to add to the blog but it will be a few days before i have those ready.

After the beach i got all 5 kids showed and dressed. Princess and E(my nices) had a ball game monday night and it was an hour and 15 min drive to the game.. So as I was showering up and getting dressed DH was cooking lunch. We had just finished cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers as this huge gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew everything over.. i grabbed the food, DH who was closer to Little Man grabbed the baby and we got all the kids and the food in the van and let the kids eat there lunch in the van, as DH and I tied down all the tarps and tents and got the campsite all set ready for a storm, which hit just as we finished picking up.. Though the wind was so strong, our stakes went flying out of the blue tarp and across the street into another campsite. DH held down the fort with our main tent while I held down our big screen tent.. Luckily for us this was a Strong but fast storm and blew over us in less then 30 mins. Though by the time it was all said and done it was time to get the girls to there ball game and take E home.

While we were gone another big storm hit the campgrounds and left our campsite 1/2 underwater.. thankfully the tent was dry.. BUT both of these storms followed us to the ball game, the short storm got there just as we did and ended up having the game delayed 30 mins. The 2nd storm hit us an hour later and this was ONE HUGE STORM and they called the game ONLY the storm was so bad we had to rush it to my parents house to seek shelter until it passed..

After it was over we took my niece to her house, she wanted to camp with us the rest of the week but my SIL said no, don't think i blame her, 1st tuesday was my nieces birthday and 2nd we were under tornado warnings. Just as we started to leave there the tornado sirens were sounding so we rushed it over to my MIL's house and stayed there until it passed..

A little after 9pm we were on our way back to the campground. Another late night and no dinner so we hit a mcdonalds and took it to the camp site.. by this time DH was less then thrilled he loves to do camp cooking but with these storms it just wasn't happening. We got back to the camp ground at 10:30pm started a campfire and ate our mcdonalds food.. went to bed about midnight that night.

I have a story to tell about our trip back to the campground that night but I'll save that for a different post also.

Back From Camping

and I"m bummed.

We just got back from what should have been a 6 day camping trip that turned into only 3 nights and alot of traveling. We knew going into this trip that we would have to leave the campground sunday afternoon, and then monday night and then thursday night, but when we were staying Sunday - Friday that didn't seem to bad.

Let me tell ya how this trip went.

1st lets go back to saturday.. my oldest dd asked if we could take our niece with us so we gave in and said yest which ment we had to make an extra trip to pick her up sunday night which wasn't planned.. Now on to Sunday.

Day One
Sunday.. we sent the kids off to church with my grandparent and mistake #1 DH and I skipped church thinking it would be easier to set up camp without the kids.. WELL we should have went to church.. There was NOTHING easy about setting up camp.. what normally takes us 10 mins took us about an hour.. the wind was so strong and wouldn't let up.. so everytime we just about had our main tent up it would blow away.. I'm telling you.. i really think we should have went to church then set up camp I think it would have been easier.. anyways.. after going crazy and only getting 1/2 of what we wanted to get done at the campsite we had to leave to go pick up Princess for her tournament team ball game. We drove home picked her up and as we were driving to her ball game we saw really dark clouds in the direction of our camp. We hadn't put the rain fly on the tent so we drove out of our way to get that on. Sadly we were too late and the tent was soaked.. so I took towles and dried it up and we got the rainfly on the tent and then headed off to the ball game.

let me take a moment to explain how much driving this was.. 45 min from our house to the campsite, 45 mins back home, 45 mins back to the camp site, then about 1 hour and 15 min from the campsite to the ball game.

The game was good, but we were sort of in a rush cuz after the game we needed to get to my nephews graduation party and then pick up my niece.. ONLY a stormed blew in and ended up having a rain delay in the middle of the game. A 45 min rain delay.. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after the game we rushed back to the town my parents live in(a 2 hour drive from the ball park) Got there picked up my middle children and got to the graduation party just as everyone was packing up and leaving. Thankfully my nephew played tournament traveling baseball since he has been little and totally understood. We got my niece and about 9pm was heading back to the campsite(a 1 hour and 15 min drive)
Since we had missed the party and didn't have dinner we stopped by a pizza hurt close to the campground and ordered pizza. We also had to make a stop at the super walmart cuz we didn't get a chance in the morning(with how long getting the tents up took) to go to the store and buy supples and food and such)
When it was all said and done about 11pm we were sitting around a campfire eatting pizza Then the kids went to bed around 12:30am.

About 1am we head thunder and DH and I had to get up and out of the tent and put the big blue rain tarp we had just bought that night onto the tent.. Then we went to bed at that time there wasn't any rain. but at 3:30am a BIG storm hit and the rain just poured down for a whole hour, little did i know that was going to be the small storm of the week. Thankfully the kids were so tired and all 5 of them slept right though it.. i was out of it also and went back to sleep though it. DH OTOH stayed up though it worried about water getting into the tent, which didn't happen, the tarp did wonders.

I have a funny story from day 1 at the campsite.. but I'll save that for another post.. think i'll end this one now befor it turns into a book.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

As I have mentioned before my oldest Aubrie is playing fastpitch softball this year on two traveling team, her league team and a tournament team. This is about her tournament team.

Before My Princess game this morning, there #1 pitcher was warming up and she has one nasty fast ball one of the dads were catching for her and he missed the ball and it banged Princess right on her ankel, she went right down and was hurting.
she didn't want to sit out the game so they tooked her off 1st and put her out in the outfield.. but she was still limping pretty bad so they benched her for 2 innings.. then she asked if she could go back in.. So they left her hit. She is a righty and she leanes back on her right foot while batting.. the 1st pitch went buy and she was in pain leaning back on her sore ankle. She called times and then blew everyones mind, she stepped over to the other side and switch hit so she would be putting her weight on the good ankel.. that just isn't seen in U10 ball.. but she did it.. I'm still shaking my head saying WOW.

There done for today and right now looks as if they might get the invite to Disney.. still in shock about that also. They play tomorrow afternoon, if they lose they should take 4th place and be out of the tournament, if they win they will atleast be 3rd with a chance for 2nd and will continue to play till they lose. I don't think there is any way for them to take 1st since they have lost once already but they should place somewhere between 2nd and 4th place..

NOW the question is will there organization pay for them to go play at Disney???

T-Ball Talk

We have been spending a lot of time at the ball fields this summer. With 3 kids playing and the oldest is
on two teams. It really hasn't been as bad as I thought it might be. Mr Man and
Sweet Pea are on the same team so that helps.
Mr Man and Sweet Pea plays T-ball
So far this summer they have had two games and have won them both, in the 1st
game Mr Man had 2 hits and Sweet pea had 2 hits and at there game Thursday night Mr Man
had 3 and Sweet pea 2. Sweet pea really isn't old enough to play yet. Everyone on
the team is 2 or 3 years older then her.. ONLY reason we were able to get her
on the team is because daddy is the coach.. but she is doing wonderful.. she is
better then a lot of the older kids on the team.. Though her uniform is like a
dress on her LOL.. but she looks so darn cute out there playing with the big
The league allows 2 kids to stand on the pitchers mound in order for all
the kids to be out on the field.. Well Thursday night Mr Man and Sweet Pea were both on
the pitchers mound at the same time.. the 1st ball hit there way Mr Man stopped
and threw the kid out at 1st, the next ball hit toward them he stopped it
picked it up handed it over to sweet pea and said "here your turn" LOL what a
sweet brother thinking of his little sister and taking turns in baseball LOL..
but that little girl took the ball threw it over to 1st and got the kid out.
She is just impressing me only being 4 years old and playing with the 6 and 7
year olds and looking as if she knows what she is doing and is good at it..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Princess

This is where it started, this ride called motherhood. This is my 1st baby she was born Jan 18, 1996. That day I knew life was never going to be the same again. After pushing for 2 hours there she was. They placed her in my arms, I looked at her and fell inlove. I had no idea how much joy she was going to bring to my life or what a wonder person she was going to grow into but I loved her with all my heart.
My Princess is fun loving, outgoing, friendly,and smart.. She started reading when she was 5 years old the year before starting kindergarden, in 2nd grade they placed her into the gifted program in school so for the last few years she keeps up with all her school work and has the gifted program(the ABLE program) work to keep up and she gets all A's. Besides being book smart she is very active. She plays Volleyball, Basketball, Fastpitch Softball, and just made the 5th grade cheerleading team for school for next fall. She does Volleyball in the spring and fall, basketball in the winter and Fastpitch pretty much year round.
This summer she is on 2 fastpitch traveling team, one is a league team and one is a tournament team. She also has cheerleading every week. So she keeps us really really busy. This week alone she has cheer camp every day M-F 8am-noon, and 6 fastpitch games.

I use to see kids doing this much stuff in the summer and think just how awful it was that the kids weren't getting time to be kids, but we are not pushing any of this, she trully enjoys every second of this.. when she doesn't have her plateful she doesnt know what to do with herself..
How she keeps up with all this stuff and her school work and can be good(better then good) at everything she does just blows my mind.

She just finished up the 4th grade. In our town that is the last grade at the elementary school. In the fall she will enter into the 5th and 6th grade school, then all the school sports will begin.

guess that is enough on My Princess for now. I"m sure there will me many more writting about my girl to come.

Mr Man

This is my oldest son.. He is just the sweetest little boy you could ever meet, he is always thinking of others and there feelings, and he 99.9% of the time never does anything wrong. I know all moms think that at some point in time, but this isn't me as a mom talking.. the boy is always trying to please so he just never want to do anything wrong in fear of disappointing someone I guess.
Mr Man turned 6 years old on Nov 15, 2005 and has just finished up his kindergarden year, so he will be a 1st grader in the fall.. This year in school he was the student of the month for the month of Sept 2005, and He only got one tallie for the whole year. tallies are what kids got when the teacher had to talk to them or correct them, there 1st 2 tallies per day was warrings and there 3 they missed a min or 2 of something and so on.. most kids got atleast 1 or 2 tallies a day.. He got ONE tallie for the WHOLE YEAR and that was durning the 1st week of school.
As for interest right now Ryan is really big into Strar Wars, He also plays indoor and outdoor soccer, outdoor in the fall, indoor in the spring and this winter he is wanting to play basketball also. Right now durning the summer he is in t-ball and loving it.

Sweet Pea

This is my baby girl, though she isn't much of a baby anymore. Sweet Pea turned 4 years old on Jan 29, 2006. She takes gymnastics and dance classes and in the fall will be starting her 2nd year of preschool. This summer she is playing tee ball, even though she is 2 to 3 years younger then the rest of her team. My husband is the coach of the team so we pulled some strings to let her play on her older brothers team.. she is doing extreamly well in t-ball its like she just has natural talent for the sport..
She is my shy one, if you talk to her chances are you will turn away or hide behind my leg and act as if she didn't hear a word you said.. but once she gets to know you and feels comfy around you watch out you can't get the girl to stop talking.

Little Man

This is my baby.. He just turned a year old on May 14, 2006.. He started walking last week and now there is no stopping him.. He is into everything and anything.. at his one year check up he was 19 lbs 6oz and 29 inches long.. the docs say he is just a little guy but he is still my biggest baby at this age. He is starting to talk and string some words together Like yelling "stop it" at his older sisters and brother.. but mostly it is just one word stuff like mum, dada, daddy, cat, dog, bird sort of stuff.. He loves being around the older kids and he is 99.5% of the time the happiest baby in the world, that other 5% is when he is in his carseat and then you just want to rip your hair out cuz he does nothing but scream and kick and throws a fit.. so there is my little bit about my baby boy