Saturday, June 17, 2006

Take Me Out to The Ball Game

As I have mentioned before my oldest Aubrie is playing fastpitch softball this year on two traveling team, her league team and a tournament team. This is about her tournament team.

Before My Princess game this morning, there #1 pitcher was warming up and she has one nasty fast ball one of the dads were catching for her and he missed the ball and it banged Princess right on her ankel, she went right down and was hurting.
she didn't want to sit out the game so they tooked her off 1st and put her out in the outfield.. but she was still limping pretty bad so they benched her for 2 innings.. then she asked if she could go back in.. So they left her hit. She is a righty and she leanes back on her right foot while batting.. the 1st pitch went buy and she was in pain leaning back on her sore ankle. She called times and then blew everyones mind, she stepped over to the other side and switch hit so she would be putting her weight on the good ankel.. that just isn't seen in U10 ball.. but she did it.. I'm still shaking my head saying WOW.

There done for today and right now looks as if they might get the invite to Disney.. still in shock about that also. They play tomorrow afternoon, if they lose they should take 4th place and be out of the tournament, if they win they will atleast be 3rd with a chance for 2nd and will continue to play till they lose. I don't think there is any way for them to take 1st since they have lost once already but they should place somewhere between 2nd and 4th place..

NOW the question is will there organization pay for them to go play at Disney???

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