Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mr Man

This is my oldest son.. He is just the sweetest little boy you could ever meet, he is always thinking of others and there feelings, and he 99.9% of the time never does anything wrong. I know all moms think that at some point in time, but this isn't me as a mom talking.. the boy is always trying to please so he just never want to do anything wrong in fear of disappointing someone I guess.
Mr Man turned 6 years old on Nov 15, 2005 and has just finished up his kindergarden year, so he will be a 1st grader in the fall.. This year in school he was the student of the month for the month of Sept 2005, and He only got one tallie for the whole year. tallies are what kids got when the teacher had to talk to them or correct them, there 1st 2 tallies per day was warrings and there 3 they missed a min or 2 of something and so on.. most kids got atleast 1 or 2 tallies a day.. He got ONE tallie for the WHOLE YEAR and that was durning the 1st week of school.
As for interest right now Ryan is really big into Strar Wars, He also plays indoor and outdoor soccer, outdoor in the fall, indoor in the spring and this winter he is wanting to play basketball also. Right now durning the summer he is in t-ball and loving it.

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