Monday, June 26, 2006

Some Camping Stories

Some camping stories

here are those few stories i wanted to share about the camping trip but didn't have the time to type out the other day..

the 1st one was our 1st night there.
If you recall we didn't get there till really late and Little Man had fallen asleep in the van. Anyways we left him sleep we didn't move him or anything.. it was about 11:30pm and I was in the tent with the other 4 kids getting them in Pj's and tucked in and changing into my Pj's ONLY Little Man woke up scared out of his mind screaming his head off. DH was outside it wasn't as if we left him alone, ONLY he didn't know where he was and DH wasn't who he wanted so he is having a melt down just crying and screaming.. I'm changing as fast as I could because i knew I was going to be the only person who could get him to stop crying..
I was just about done when i heard someone say something but couldn't make out what it was, when I got out of the tent DH was like two sites over(there was no one right next to us so I could see him two sites over) Little Man was still crying and DH didn't look too happy.. I guess what I missed was this older guy in his 60's I would say walked over and Yelled at DH for Little Man crying.

the old fart came over and yelled " This camp has a quite time and we are in it now" Then he took back off to his site. That old fart was lucky i wasn't the one who heard him at the time, because after the day i had sunday I would have went off on him. DH walked over there and nicely said, I'm sorry but the baby wants his mom and she is changing right now he will be claimed down soon. The the old fart started yelling at DH more.. "Babies shouldn't cry at night" At that point the man ticked DH off LOL DH started to LOL and said "never had kids have you" the old fart said "I had two kids and they never once cried at night ever, Babies should be asleep at this time of night not outside walking around and screaming" DH just said "Oh Please" and walked away.. handed me Little Man who as soon as I sat down to nurse him stopped screaming.. Then he told me what went on with this guy.. I was so wishing Little Man had woke up again though the night so i could let him scream a bit before going to him LOL..

The 2nd story i wanted to share really isn't a story.. it was about the sky on monday night.. i had never seen anything like it and I'm not sure I can explain it at all now but i did get some pics of it so once I get those pics online I'll just post a few pictures and not go into it right now but boy was it wild..

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