Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just In Time

Just In Time

What a day I have had. I don't even know where to start this. Guess I should start by saying we have been down to one vehicle since Sept 2005, when my husbands car blew up and he started driving my van to work. We have gone back and forth on weather we should get another work car for him or a new van and back and forth and back and forth

Well today I got a car, since the van was in his name I went ahead and put the car in mine. I spent the whole morning doing stuff like getting the title changed into my name, buying new plates, getting insurance on the car.

Back tracking a bit for the last two weeks there has been a screeching in the front of the van which i was sure was the breaks going bad, ONLY we never had a free day that we didn't NEED to have the van to get someone some place so we hadn't had it fixed yet.

Since i now had a car that we could get Princess to her ball game tonight in I went ahead and set up the time to have the breaks done for tonight(my dad does my breaks so it was just a matter of making sure he could do them tonight) We really needed them done before Friday because FRiday morning we were making a 5 hour trips into mountins to go to DHs family reunion.

After work we took the van to my dad, my mom watched the younger kids, and DH and I took Princess to her ball game. When we came back our breaks were fixed but dad said he had bad news. Both of our front tie rods(think that is what he called it) were broken off and the van was unsafe to drive.


The garage can't get the van in tomorrow the earliest they can get it in is Friday morning, and they said it should be done Friday night..

Well POOP we are to be on the road by 9am friday morning traveling down with the in-laws to the reunion.. Not sure what is going to happen now.

but on a Plus side I guess we got the car Just In Time

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