Sunday, June 25, 2006

State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Besides the camping fun of the week, my town has declared a state of Emergency.
Thursday morning we woke up, tuned on the TV and saw our little small town on every news station from both the big cities we sandwiched in between.(we are about an hour and a half west of one and east of the other) Out town was under water. 1/2 of the town was flooded and underwater. Over 800 homes(at 1st report) was flooded and had flood damage.

We were some of the lucky ones.. we had water in our basement that went up 2 1/2 cement block high, it destroyed everything i had on the basement floor, my washer was floating and it knocked out the pilot light on the water heater. BUT I didn't know any of this till thursday late afternoon.. i was too worried and busy with our camping stuff and since i didn't see standing water on our end of town I didn't think to check my basement. Thankfully the water was gone and i was just left with the mess and a ring on the walls where the water was when i found the mess.

Tonight(sunday) is the night that we put our trash out and we ended up with 16 trash bags full of stuff that got messed up in our basement due to this flooding. Nothing I'm really going to miss, the biggest part of the stuff we lost was old cloths and shoes and toys that i was storing down there for when the younger one were older and needed them. I guess I'll miss the cloths in years to come but they were just too nasty and gross for me to deal with so out to the road they went. So that was that.. my basement is still wet and I'm going to need to bleach it all down and clean up any mold.
UGH YUCK it is gross down there right now. Besides that I still haven't figured out just the right place that my washer was(I have it on bricks incase of stuff like this). Now every time it is spinning it is shaking back and forth on the bricks all uneven.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Great, it just now hit me as I'm typing this. If my water heater pilot was out, maybe my furnace pilot is out also, only I didn't check that since it's summer and we aren't using the heater.. wonderful.. just one more thing to add to my to do list for tomorrow.

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