Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sweet Pea

This is my baby girl, though she isn't much of a baby anymore. Sweet Pea turned 4 years old on Jan 29, 2006. She takes gymnastics and dance classes and in the fall will be starting her 2nd year of preschool. This summer she is playing tee ball, even though she is 2 to 3 years younger then the rest of her team. My husband is the coach of the team so we pulled some strings to let her play on her older brothers team.. she is doing extreamly well in t-ball its like she just has natural talent for the sport..
She is my shy one, if you talk to her chances are you will turn away or hide behind my leg and act as if she didn't hear a word you said.. but once she gets to know you and feels comfy around you watch out you can't get the girl to stop talking.

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