Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Little Man

This is my baby.. He just turned a year old on May 14, 2006.. He started walking last week and now there is no stopping him.. He is into everything and anything.. at his one year check up he was 19 lbs 6oz and 29 inches long.. the docs say he is just a little guy but he is still my biggest baby at this age. He is starting to talk and string some words together Like yelling "stop it" at his older sisters and brother.. but mostly it is just one word stuff like mum, dada, daddy, cat, dog, bird sort of stuff.. He loves being around the older kids and he is 99.5% of the time the happiest baby in the world, that other 5% is when he is in his carseat and then you just want to rip your hair out cuz he does nothing but scream and kick and throws a fit.. so there is my little bit about my baby boy

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