Monday, June 26, 2006

The Case of the Missing Ball Shirt

The Case of The Missing Ball Shirt.

I just want to sit down and cry, I'm so frustrated. My Princess has a league game tonight. So last night I went to lay out her uniform so I would have it altogether ready to go. I found every thing except her shirt. I start retracing my steps so I can figure out where it might have ended up. Right now the house is so out of order its not even funny. All of this mess from camping, the flood the weekend away at the ball tournament has this house just a mess. After looking in all the normal places last night I gave up.

This morning I remembered the last time she wore it was last monday and after that game we went back to the campground.. Well the rest of her uniform made it home so where is this purple with yellow lettering shirt of hers..
I spent 3 YES THREE!!!!!! hours today turning this place upside down looking for it, I was almost in tears.
When Princess got home from cheerleading i asked her where was the last place she saw it and she said laying in a pile of cloths she had out of her suitcase inside of the tent while we were camping..

This might explain a lot. Wednesday night when we got the kids and went home during the big storms, Princess was afraid to leave her stuff and even though i told her we didn't have time to pack things up she grabbed everything in her arms and rain to the van with it. All her other cloths made it home, and I didn't see anything left behind at the camp site thursday when we took stuff down, but i'm wondering if she dropped it outside while running in the van and then with the strong wind we had that night if it didn't blow out of our campsite to one next to us which i wouldn't have seen it thursday when we went back

DH called her coach told him we can't find it he said it would be ok she could just were a different shirt. That is good I guess but this is still eating at me and I still keep looking every place around here making myself nuts

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