Monday, June 26, 2006

End Of Tournament Ball

End of the Tournament Play

This was it, this was the last weekend of My Princesses fastpitch tournament softball games.
It really wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. It was fun and it went by so fast. I guess her team does have one more weekend of play but We are going to a family reunion next weekend.
The girls have all had fun and improved over the last 5 weeks.

We still haven't heard anything about going to Disney to play next month so i guess that I'll take that as a no, that the organization didn't get the money for them to play. Oh well it was during our vacation to TN anyways

Princess had fun playing for the Wizards and for her 1st year I guess it was ok, BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her coach was a dumb butt who didn't have a clue and wouldn't take any help. He played favoritism to his daughter and the 3 other girls from his home town. Sadly those 3 girls were the worse on the team they ended up being picked up right before the season started because one girl who had tried out and did all the clinics with the team all winter long broke her foot and another girl other moved out of state leaving the team short. ~sigh~ I could vent about this mans stupidity all night long, but I wont. I'm also not happy with the teams director, He told us each team would have real coaches, there to teach the girls and help them improve, that wasn't the case. At least not for the 10U team. The 12,14,16 and 18U teams all had the real coaches, but not the 10U. I don't know what happened but he couldn't find coaches so he asked DH to coach. DH didn't want too so he asked another girls dad and he said yes, they they talked DH into being asst.. DH right now even though he just wanted to be a dad watching int he stands is kicking himself for not doing the head coach because Ken(the man who was coach) was a jerk, mean to the girls, put them down, yelled at them, and the biggest reason we were losing games is he put his best players out in the outfield to give the infield to his little favorite girls from his home town who really shouldn't have been out there playing at all, they just weren't ready for this sort of competition..

Now Martin(the director) has promised all the ticked off parents of the girls who was with the team all winter long that next year he will have the coaches he promised us and that things will be run more professionally.. but he gave us that promised last winter also.. I don't think Princess will be playing Wizard ball next year.

Now that she has the year experience under her belt she is wanting to try out for 3 other teams and then if she makes them she will pick which one she wants to be on.. The team I'm hoping she makes is called the Waves, and they are only 20 minuts from our house.. Sure all the tournament they play in will be a bit of a drive but at least clinics and practices will be a lot closer then they were this year.

Enough ball for now it's one in the morning I need to get to sleep.

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