Sunday, June 25, 2006

Camping day 3

Day Three.... Tuesday

Tuesday was our only nice sunny and fun day of this camping trip..
Once again we slept in... OH I am telling you this sleeping till 9am thing is WONDERFUL!!!
I need to make the kids sleep out in fresh air more often, they all sleep so well when we are camping. One of the things DH and I like most about camping is how we can just throw the clock away and relax and take everything at a much slower pace, So we just took our old sweet time doing everything Tuesday morning. I think i got around to making breakfast at about 10am. I was making waffles(i took my waffle maker and we had electric at the camp site really roughing it you know LOL) we ate breakfast and the kids went to the playground(which was right across the street from our site) and DH took Little Man for a walk while i did the dishes and cleaned up..
When DH got back he had made up his mind that today should be Island day.. so we packed up the van and caught the 12pm ferry over to the Island we spent the day there doing island stuff and then went to the beach there, ended up at the beach for over 2 hours.. my kids love the beach.
After the beach we showered up and was going to go have dinner at my favorite restaurant on the Island only to find when we got there they had closed down and was under new ownership and didn't have my favorite wings anymore, so we just left and caught the 6pm ferry back over to the mainland and hit a steak house over there(LOL we didn't do hardly any camp cooking like we are use to doing)
We got back to the camp site after eating and make a campfire, DH and the two older kids took a night time hike, while Sweet Pean and I got all the making for smores ready, when they got back we did smores and the kids went to bed around 11:30pm that night. While DH and i sat by the fire for another hour.
and that was the end of our only sunny and fun day of camping.

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