Thursday, June 22, 2006

Camping Day 2

Day Two Monday

Monday morning we woke up sort of late 9am. The kids played for about 30 min in the tent and then got dressed. We ate breakfest and while my niece and Princess helped me clean up from breakfest and helped get the tent cleaned up, DH took the younger 3 on a walk. When the older girls and I were done the 3 of us took walk down one of the nature trails that lead to the lake. That was fun, but sort of a long walk for me, out of shape as I am LOL.

After the walk we got dressed and the 7 of us went and spent about 2 hours at the beach. Which i had my pics of this camping trip to add to the blog but it will be a few days before i have those ready.

After the beach i got all 5 kids showed and dressed. Princess and E(my nices) had a ball game monday night and it was an hour and 15 min drive to the game.. So as I was showering up and getting dressed DH was cooking lunch. We had just finished cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers as this huge gust of wind came out of nowhere and blew everything over.. i grabbed the food, DH who was closer to Little Man grabbed the baby and we got all the kids and the food in the van and let the kids eat there lunch in the van, as DH and I tied down all the tarps and tents and got the campsite all set ready for a storm, which hit just as we finished picking up.. Though the wind was so strong, our stakes went flying out of the blue tarp and across the street into another campsite. DH held down the fort with our main tent while I held down our big screen tent.. Luckily for us this was a Strong but fast storm and blew over us in less then 30 mins. Though by the time it was all said and done it was time to get the girls to there ball game and take E home.

While we were gone another big storm hit the campgrounds and left our campsite 1/2 underwater.. thankfully the tent was dry.. BUT both of these storms followed us to the ball game, the short storm got there just as we did and ended up having the game delayed 30 mins. The 2nd storm hit us an hour later and this was ONE HUGE STORM and they called the game ONLY the storm was so bad we had to rush it to my parents house to seek shelter until it passed..

After it was over we took my niece to her house, she wanted to camp with us the rest of the week but my SIL said no, don't think i blame her, 1st tuesday was my nieces birthday and 2nd we were under tornado warnings. Just as we started to leave there the tornado sirens were sounding so we rushed it over to my MIL's house and stayed there until it passed..

A little after 9pm we were on our way back to the campground. Another late night and no dinner so we hit a mcdonalds and took it to the camp site.. by this time DH was less then thrilled he loves to do camp cooking but with these storms it just wasn't happening. We got back to the camp ground at 10:30pm started a campfire and ate our mcdonalds food.. went to bed about midnight that night.

I have a story to tell about our trip back to the campground that night but I'll save that for a different post also.

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