Monday, June 26, 2006

Should Have Lost that Shirt Long ago

Should Have Lost that Ball Shirt Long Ago!!!

I tell ya what, We should have lost that purple league softball shirt long ago. LOL
My Princess just had her best game ever tonight.. she batted four times, had 3 hits which got her 4 RBI's and her 4th time up she walked. They ended up winning 14-6.
Her 1st at bat she got up hit the 1st pitch was a hard drive just right of the short stop, her 2nd was a hard line drive just past the pitcher but it had so much speed on it that it didn't stop until it was in left center field before it hit the ground, and her 3rd was a fly ball out to right center field. Her 4th time up to bat they walked her.

It must have been the shirt LOL. since we never did find her shirt she wore her state fastpitch tournament t-shirt that they bought not this past weekend but the weekend before, so there she was standing out from all the other girls, in this what looks like the sleeves had been cut off the shirt t-shirt(but it was made to look that way they weren't cut off) she looked really tough like some bad butt sport player and then she was hitting like a power house(her 1st base fielding was on tonight also). She just looked impressive all around.

My sister in law in the asst. coach for this team and the coaches have matching shirt as the girls uniforms. After the game she asked Aubrie if she wanted to use her shirt for the next game. Princess said No thank you I think i'll stick with my lucky shirt LOL..

So now we have a lucky shirt.. guess we will find out Wednesday how lucky her shirt is

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