Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Princess

This is where it started, this ride called motherhood. This is my 1st baby she was born Jan 18, 1996. That day I knew life was never going to be the same again. After pushing for 2 hours there she was. They placed her in my arms, I looked at her and fell inlove. I had no idea how much joy she was going to bring to my life or what a wonder person she was going to grow into but I loved her with all my heart.
My Princess is fun loving, outgoing, friendly,and smart.. She started reading when she was 5 years old the year before starting kindergarden, in 2nd grade they placed her into the gifted program in school so for the last few years she keeps up with all her school work and has the gifted program(the ABLE program) work to keep up and she gets all A's. Besides being book smart she is very active. She plays Volleyball, Basketball, Fastpitch Softball, and just made the 5th grade cheerleading team for school for next fall. She does Volleyball in the spring and fall, basketball in the winter and Fastpitch pretty much year round.
This summer she is on 2 fastpitch traveling team, one is a league team and one is a tournament team. She also has cheerleading every week. So she keeps us really really busy. This week alone she has cheer camp every day M-F 8am-noon, and 6 fastpitch games.

I use to see kids doing this much stuff in the summer and think just how awful it was that the kids weren't getting time to be kids, but we are not pushing any of this, she trully enjoys every second of this.. when she doesn't have her plateful she doesnt know what to do with herself..
How she keeps up with all this stuff and her school work and can be good(better then good) at everything she does just blows my mind.

She just finished up the 4th grade. In our town that is the last grade at the elementary school. In the fall she will enter into the 5th and 6th grade school, then all the school sports will begin.

guess that is enough on My Princess for now. I"m sure there will me many more writting about my girl to come.

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