Thursday, October 19, 2006

I John 4:18

I John 4:18" There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."

This verse came to mind today as I was taking a shower. Like most busy moms I don't get alot of time to myself, so in order to have clean hair shaved legs and not smell from a mile away, after the 3 older kids were off at school I took Little Man into the tub with me.
It has been along time since Little Man has been in a shower, so long that he forgot what it was(he does like his baths though) When I turned on the shower and he was sitting in the back of the tub in his bathtub seat, his face had this look of fear on it. I finished up washing my hair, but the whole time he kept crying when the water would splash on him. I picked him up into my arms and placed him under the water he was shaking from fear of being under that water and he was crying. I hugged him tight and wishpered to him "it's ok mommy's here" still under the shower he looked right into my eyes and this peace came over him, he was still hanging tight to my neck but he stopped crying and he wasn't shaking anymore. It was like just me hugging him and reminding him it was ok i was there drove all the fear away.
What a wonderful great feeling that was, my little boy who I love with all my heart, loves me back with all his heart and he trust me completely to never put him in harms way, just a few little words from me can keep him from being afraid and make him happy.. I don't even know how to express the joy I felt at that moment.
It was at that point I John 4:18 came to mind and made me think of how when we are afraid God is there telling us "fear not for I am with you" If only we could trust God and love him to the point of totally tursting on him and letting him drive all our fear away. We would be a much happier people. I also though of how Happy it made me when Little Man did this and though, What Joy we must bring to God when we trust Him, when we cast our cares upon Him and leave them there and not fear.

There is a song I use to sing growing up from the Patch the Priate book (one of them I just don't remember which one) and I sometimes sing this to my kids also.

"When shadows fall and the night covers all there are things that my eye can not see, I'll never fear for the Savior is near, my Lord abides with me.
How can I fear, Jesus is near, He ever watches over me, worries all secess, He gives me Peace, How can I fear with Jesus
Jesus is King He controls everything, He is with me each night and each day, I'll turst my soul to the Saviors control He drives all fears away.
How can I fear, Jesus is near, He ever watches over me, worries all secess, He gives me Peace, How can I fear with Jesus."

One of the greatest gifts God has given his children is this gift of Peace
Thank you Lord for saving me, for teaching me to trust in you, For taking away my fear and giving me Joy and Peace

As a mother if I could only teach my children one thing I would be to Love the Lord trust in Him and cast there cares upon Him. I know that looks like more then one thing but it all goes hand in hand cuz as you Love the Lord and grow in Him the rest will come. Then No matter where they are in life they will be happy.


sari said...

I've had some things going on that I've let upset me more than I need...and this reminds me that I don't need to be so upset.


dcrmom said...

Great analogy, Karen. And what a neat mommy-son moment.