Monday, October 23, 2006

Guilty Secrets

Now this looked like fun, but after i post i'll have children services banging on my door :)
i was reading musing of a housewife by dcrmom she posted her Guilty Secrets she had came across this at Surburban Turmoil. So I though I might as well post my guilty secrets

1) I let my kids eat breakfest in the livingroom, infront of the tv which has cartoons on every morning before school. If they are home for lunch and they feel like eatting in there bedrooms or living room, I let them. Some nights for dinner we all eat in the living room as a family, but I do try to do the family table for dinner most of the time

2)My kids eat, chips, candy, chew gum and drink pop every day. Little Man wouldn't eat his dinner tonight all he kept asking for was chips, so that is what he ate. My kids eat hot dog, chicken nuggets, french fries and mac and cheese weekly.

3)Little Man (now 17 months old) still nurses on demand, which basicly means anytime he is board or tired or hurt or cranky. He will not go to sleep for nap or night unless he is nurseing. He still sleeps in my bed. I think he has slept in the crib a total of 4 times in his life, and some nights he uses me all night long as a pacie. 17 months seems like nothing his older sister sweet pea did this till she self weaned at 29 months.

4)The 3 older kids have tv's, vcrs and dvd players in there rooms. If they ask I let them watch movies as they fall asleep. Mr Man(soon to be 7 yrs old) favorite are all 6 star wars, all the Jarassic park movies and his new fav is priates of the carabinen. Princess likes all those teenie bopper movies with hillary duff and stuff.
Sweet Pea (still only 4) watching what the older 2 watches and listens to there music also.

5)My kids don't have a bed time. Most nights durning the school year they are in bed by 9:30pm and Little Man goes to bed around 10pm or 11pm, in the summer it is more like 11pm or whenever they fall asleep

6)If any of them wake up in the middle of the night they are more then welcomed to come and sleep in our bed(I don't think of this as a guilty secret though, i love when they sleep in our bed and I don't understand people at all who think it is wrong to let there kids sleep with them)

7)I forget to give the kids their vitamins also, I do have it and Sweet Pea will normally ask for them because she likes the taste but unless she ask I never remember. Shoot i couldn't even remember to take mine when i was PG, and I never took them while nurseing Sweet Pea and still don't take them while Nurseing Mr Man.

8)I have called the kids off school because out of the blue I said lets make this weekend out of town be a little longer of a trip. and I have pulled them out of school for planned vacations also.

9)a few time for breakfest my kids have had leftover birthday cake or waffles with icecream on them, and they have had cookies right before bedtime, shoot there new thing the last 2 week is heck with cooking the cookies and they just eat the cookie dough as a bedtime snack.

10)They do not get bathed every night, i do try the every other night thing though, Princess often gets it more because she is in so many sports every night.

11)my kids don't hear me cuss because i don't do that often, when i say crap, or flippen, or shoot they think I'm useing bad words, I do not think Shut Up is a bad word and i let the kids use it, but not in a mean Shut up way, but in the hillary duff teen type way of saying Shut UP which is sort of like saying No way or Get out. Though I have been known to yell Shut UP in the Shut UP kind of way when Please keep it down isn't working and they are still running around the house yelling and i need it tuned down right then and there. NOW that I do feel guilty for.

12)my kids can paint with there paint pens and with there paint in pen type things with bushes at the end because it isn't all that messy. but cutting and pasting and finger painting, and playing playdough or even with lego's i can't stand it, they might do those things once a year or maybe twice a year but it's not an every day, or even every month sort of thing.

ok so when should I expect that knock on my door with people coming to take my kids from me. LOL
So what are your guilty parenting secrets??????????????

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