Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Tooth Fairy is Slipping..

Sunday night Sweet Pea lost another tooth it was her other top front tooth so now she really has a huge gap in her smile. Anyways, that night she slept in my room and placed her tooth under the pillow, I stayed up to late doing this and that and then when I did head to bed I just fell into the pillow and never gave a 2nd thought that the tooth fairy should have made a stop to the sleeping little girl laying next to me.
Monday morning DH had already made it home and I was up getting dress for work, when she woke up looked under the pillow and found that the tooth fairy did not bring her money and did NOT take her tooth. She went runny to her daddy so upset, he said to her well sometimes the tooth fairy just runs out of time to get to everyones house.. I don't think she bought that, and he came in and said to me(her by his side) "Hey MOMMY!!! the tooth fairy didn't bring Annie her money and DIDN'T take her tooth" Me thinking *crap crap crap.. man how did I forget that....think think think... what to say* Then I said "Sweet Pea you slept in my room lastnight, I bet the tooth fairy was looking all over your room trying to figure out where you were, you didn't leave a not telling him where you would be did you?" she said "No I didn't" and gave a little pout.. so I told her to "try it again tonight, but if you don't sleep in your own bed make sure you write a note and tell the tooth fairy where you will be"
Before going to bed lastnight(once again in my room her favorite place to sleep when DH is working nights) she writes this with no help from me.. and this morning I find it under her pillow in her bedroom.

The tooth fairy did remember to do her job last night and Sweet Pea woke up happy this morning..

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Courtney said...

Quick thinking mom!

Lizzie said...

how cute! save that letter :) i agree with the other comment, quick thinking!!

Carol VR said...

We've always had the kids put their note with the tooth on the dining room table with a sprinkle of fairy dust (gold sparkles).

That way you'd needn't struggle to get under the pillow and you needn't worry about waking them.

Anonymous said...

Great recovery there! My FB completely forgot to look under his pillow when he woke up. I had to remind him.

Love the note. I am sure you will treasure that!