Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend Recap just a tad late May 8-10,2009

Here it is Friday already and I never got around to typing up a Weekend Recap from the past weekend.. So here you go, Better late then never right ?!?!?!?
Do you all remember all the plans I had for last weekend, If not here is some of the list in from last Thursday 13 post.

It all got changed around.Thursday the kids ended up with a 2 hour delay due to fog.. So I had Princess home till 9am and Mr Man and Sweet Pea till 11am and the IEP got canceled and changed to Friday at 11:15am

I did get called into work and worked from 12 to 3:30 Got home and there was a phone call from one of Princess's friends moms wanting to know if she could stay with them in our state capital(her dd wanted to room with a friend) So I washed and packed stuff for Princess and got everything ready there.. and then I went grocery shopping. Never did get all the laundry done or the house clean.
Friday May 8, 2009
Friday since Princess was staying with a friend, Barry and I decided not to get room in our state capital and just to head down Saturday morning. So Friday I went to Sweet Pea's IEP and then did some more laundry.. and cleaned up 1/2 the house and packed bags for Mr Man Sweet Pea and Little Man. Picked Princess up at 2:30pm took her to the coffee house(hangout) Then picked up Sweet Pea and Mr Man from school and drove them to my parents got there about 4pm but had to be back home to pick Princess up at 4:30pm to get her home where she was being picked up at 5pm to head to The state Capital with her friend. After she left DH and I went out(kid free) We went and got an oil changed LOL I know right??? but that is what we did.. the van needed one, did this at Walmart so while it was being changed I picked up all the H&B sort of things I needed.. Then we went to the lake and watched the sunset and then came home and had a late dinner and went to bed early.
Saturday May 9, 2009
Saturday got up at 4:30AM and was on the road by 5AM and was in The state Capital by 7am and sitting watching Volleyball at 7:30AM and Did that till 8PM Princess's team took 3 place in State.. got bronze medals and everything.. ONLY Princess on the game winning play landed wrong and twisted her ankle... So that changed Sunday's plans.. NO Softball...

Sunday May 10, 2009
Sunday slept in and missed Sunday school we didn't make it home till like11:30PM after getting the kids and being up since 4:30am I was just to darn tired to get up that morning.. BUT we did make it to church.. After church Dh and Mr Man went to some sort of Big time wrestling thing, When it was over they saw Mr Man's favorite wrestler get in a car and drive away, they were only two cars behind them so in true stalker form they followed this man and when he stopped to eat dinner, Mr Man got to meet him and turns out he might look like a freak but he was a nice guy.
.. Princess, Sweet Pea, Little Man and I went out to a new Chinese buffet with my parents, my grandparents and my uncle for Mothers day.. Afterwards my parents came over and stayed a bit, Then I took Little Man to my grandma's and Princess stayed home with her foot propped up with ice.. Sweet Pea and I went to the movies and watched The Hannah Montana movie.. OH my goodness I thought it was so good... I think I'll be buying that one for Sweet Pea when it comes out.
Here are a few pictures taken of Mothers day.

That was my weekend last weekend So I wasn't as busy as I thought I would be.. and just like normal nothing ever goes as planned LOL

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palmtreefanatic said...

nice pics! nice mothers day you had!!!

Lizzie said...

that wrestling guy looks scary!

happy super late mothers day :)