Monday, December 18, 2006

Faith Builders 12/18/06

Discussion:Where is Christ leading you? Have you traded your ashes in for beauty? Have you replaced your mourning with JOY? Do you wear forgiveness like a crown? He wants you to lay every burden down- He died so that you would have a place to lay it- at the foot of the cross…..
I think Christ is teaching me each and every day, what it means to trust in HIM. Some days I traded ashes for beauty, other I want to hold on to stuff, but then he deals with me and speaks to my heart with a gentle reminder, or a brick upside the head.. that He is there, He is wanting to give us the Joy in our life, that kind of Joy and Peace that can only come from God.
I read in Our Daily Bread last Monday 12/11/06 "Because Christ died for all our sins, God promises to forgive us and never bring up our sins again" also in there was "To enjoy the future, accept God's forgiveness for the past".. That is just one example of ways God can change ashes to beauty. He is not only there for our sins, but also though our trials and testing.. if we all could just learn to give our trouble, worries, fears and everything to God we would all be much much happier people. No Matter what is going on around us we would have peace and Joy inside of us and be happy even in times of trouble.
Faith builders today was a good reminder to take our burdens to the Lord and leave them there. At the site is a really pretty song called Ashes to Beauty here is the link to the site.

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Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

so true - we would be much happier people!!

thanks so much for sharing today :)