Saturday, December 16, 2006

Shop till ya Drop

After 7 hours of Christmas shopping yesterday I sure felt like I was going to drop.
My Grandma asked if I would go Christmas shopping with her yesterday afternoon, she needed to buy some stuff for my kids for Christmas(the younger 2 since she had already took the older two out shopping so she knew what they wanted and she had bought it then) So Me, my grandma and Sweet Pea and Little man(who BTW turned 19 months yesterday) hit the stores at 2:30pm yesterday afternoon.
1st stop Toys R Us.. 2nd stop the Mall, 3rd stop Target, 4th stop dinner, and 5th stop Kohl's. then home, ONLY we didn't get home till 9:45pm.
That was one long trip for Little Man who was fussing 1/2 way though the Mall and didn't stop until we were 1/2 ways though Kohl's when he fell asleep for the night..

It was a good trip though, Santa did really well, and only spent $140, but yet I'm almost done shopping and I got pretty much everything the kids had on there list. I'm so darn impressed with this trip.. God was really in it I tell ya, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking for was on Sale and we are talking good sales, and then on top of the sales, there was more discounts. Like at Toys R US we got an Extra 20% off, AT the mall I got an extra 20% at Macy's, and then i had 2 $10 gift card things that came in the mail for JCP(there i got a sweeter for Mr Man, a shirt for Princess and 3 pairs of fuzzy sleeper-ish socks for the girls and myself and Only had to pay $7 something and tax. It was just that way everywhere i went.
There are still more things I need and I think I'm going to try to hit the stores again tonight, this time with DH so he can take the kids away from me so I can get down to business and get this stuff done with..
Over all it was a good day, even though my legs felt like they were going to fall off by the time i was done.

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