Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Past #5

Christmas 2000.
Princess was 4 years 11 month and Mr Man 13 months old but seeing how i took these 1st two shots in November I guess that puts them at 4 yrs 10 months and 12 months old.

I do remember some stuff from this Christmas, one thing i remember was that it was really snowy, unlike this year I think we will have a nice warm green Christmas. This makes me a tad bit sad, but on the other hand Sweet Pea is getting a barbie scooter for Christmas and Mr Man is getting This Not from us but from my grandparents. So I guess warm weather with no snow will be they can ride there Christmas gifts some on Christmas day. OK back to the past. Christmas 2000.

After Mr Man was born I took a lot of time off work, 10 months. I really didn't plan to go back I was liking the whole SAHM thing and we were doing ok money wise so that was that I was going to be a SAHM.. ONLY in Oct i got a phone call from Sears bagging me to come back and work the Christmas season, they were going to give me a little pay raise from where i had left off and I got to pick my own hours and days. I could work as much or as little as I wanted.. NOW how do you turn down that, Plus it was for the Christmas season so by January I would go back to being the SAHM i had always wanted to be.. and extra Christmas spending money was nice. So i went back to work.. Which meant more family fun picture shoots for me :)

Another thing I recall about this Christmas was that Princess was choices to play Mary in the Church Christmas program.. She was SOOOOOOOO excited, I think mommy was even more so. ONLY Problem was we were going to church 30 minutes from where we live. We made it to Sunday school and church on the day of the program, but the program was that night.. It started snowing really good while we were in am church and it never stopped, it got worse and worse and worse.. We were hoping they would cancel the program and do it the following Sunday(which would have been like the 23rd or 24th iirc) but they didn't. I mean why would they really most people lived with in 5 or 10 minutes from the church, they didn't have to drive a bunch of nasty country roads to get there like we did. DH gave it a shot but the roads were too bad and we had to turn around and come home for the safety of the children and ourselves. I was still teaching Sunday school so i had to call and get someone to cover with my class and they also had to get someone to do Princesses part in the play that they were doing. I guess it all went well. but i had one very very disappointed little girl on my hands.
She put on her own Christmas program and play for me and DH that night using baby doll and stuff animals and she said her part for us anyways. It was cute but my heart still broke for her that night.

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palmtreefanatic said...

lovely photos...beautiful family!
Merry Christmas!