Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Past #10

This is the Last of my Christmas past post. Christmas Past #10 was last year 2005. Princess was 9 yrs 10 months, Mr Man 6 years old, Sweet Pea 3 years 10 months and Little Man was 6 months old.
This would be the Last of my babies 1st Christmas. sort of sad but it was a very good Christmas.
We had a little Sunday school Christmas program this year, it was the 1st year at our new church that we had enough kids in each class to do one, True we only had 3 kids in each class but still it was fun. The candle light service was wonderful as always and it really was the 1st time I thought of the church as OUR church not the "new church"
I think I forgot to mention or maybe i did and forgot(that happens a lot to me LOL) But one of the other church traditions at Christmas is our Christmas dinner and white elephant gift exchange. That is always a blast
Well there you have it all my Christmas past post are done, you have now took the journey though my past 10 years of Christmas since becoming a mommy..
I'm sorry if i put you all to sleep but i had fun doing it :)

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