Friday, November 03, 2006

"Oh cool"

these are the words out of Princess mouth when her basketball coach called all excited and pumped to let Princess know she made the team.

Princess had try outs for the 5th grade traveling basketball team on Mon & Wed night this week, ONLY she badly sprained her pinkie finger on her right hand on saturday night(thanks to some silly boy being mean and stepping on her hand while at a halloween party of a friends). Princess didn't want to miss out on playing traveling basketball so she tried out monday with a splint on her finger and on by wed the doctor had taken the splint off and buddied splinted it so wed she had a little more better movement in her finger.
Wed night at 8:15pm she got the call saying she made the team, i could hear her coach talking all excited like(Princess was on the phone the coach was just talking loud) telling her she made the team and even though Princess was excited she acted all cool like it was no big deal and said "Oh cool thanks" LOL oh my goodness then she hung up the phone and started jumping up and down all excited.. silly girl.

Now My Princess is playing travel fastpitch softball and travel fastpitch tournament fastpitch softball, travel cheerleading, and travel basketball.
mommy might be getting a little sick of this traveling stuff LOL, but it is all fun and more entertaining then rec league here in town.


Fantastagirl said...

Congrats to your little girl - that's a busy schedule - but she will do awesome!

sari said...

Yay! It is cool!