Monday, November 27, 2006

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

WEll at least in my house it is, still no snow on the ground but I have all my inside decorating done. OOPES.. almost forgot i still need to go buy a new christmas table cloth since the kids stained my old one up really good last year with some kool-aid.

I got the tree up on friday while the kids were still in TX. got the lights all on it and after Little Man went to sleep that night I strung the beads around it and hung up my glass balbs. On Saturday when the kids got home I let them hang all there orniments on the tree.. Doing this while Little Man was awake might have been a mistake because after that he wouldn't leave the darn tree alone.

I have had glass orniments on my tree and raised 3 kids past this baby/toddler stage with no problem at all, a few times of telling them NO Touch and teaching them when we are touching the tree to only touch with one finger and life has been good. BUT not with LITTLE MAN.. after 4 broken glass orniments and 24 hours of yelling "NO don't touch that" I had enough.. and I sunk to a new low in which i said I would NEVER DO.. All Glass orniment on the top all home made and non breakable on the bottom.. but NO!!!!!!!!! that wasn't enough.. Little Man was going to kill himself with this tree, so up with the play yard all around the tree. I thought to keep from having this big baby gate sticking out in the middle of the floor, i would just use 4 sections of the play yard and it looked sort of cute around the tree.. But come sunday I found out this just wasn't going to work.. because even though Little man couldn't pull the tree on top of himself, he still was able to lean over the gate and pull orniments off the tree.. and the only thing this was doing was ticking him off and making him scream his head off. So yesterday i broke out the other 2 section of the play yard, now my tree is all gated in and Little Man can't lean over and touch the tree now because the gate is not right up along the tree.

What am I going to do with this boy ~sigh~
Maybe its his age, he is 18 months old now. I never had an 18 month old at christmas time before, Princess and Sweet Pea's 1st christmas they were 11 months old and there 2nd christmas was 23 months old, a tad young to want to explore everything and get into too much trouble and then old enough to understand when mommy says NO that means you don't do it. Same with Mr Man his 1st christmas he was only a month old, his 2nd he was 13 months and his 3rd 2 years and a month old.. 18 months is such a trying time anyways.. Maybe it's his age and not that my little man is just a terd LOL.


Mama C said...

OH boy! I love my glass ornaments too and never had a problem with my kids either....NO means NO!

However, this year I bought all new plastic ones just because the glass ones were looking tarnished.

My tree is up too.

Heather said...

We haven't put our tree up yet, but I have a feeling Miss Natalie will be fascinated with it. She seems to be a bit more curious than my other kids. We've always put the glass bulbs on too, we'll see how this year goes!!