Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Six(11/12/06)

To honor our veterans Kelly the mind behind the questions at Sunday six had these questions for us this week.

Playing this week will be my girls, Princess 10yrs 10m old and Sweet Pea 4yrs 10 m old.

1. What is a Veteran?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Someone that went and fought in a war.

2. Why do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
Sweet pea: Because we can celebrate
Princess: To honor the people who fought in the war

3. How do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Ummm Hmmmmmm Dont write that, MOMMM don't write that either, MOM come on!!! We get off school

4. Does your town have a parade or ceremony in honor of Veteran's Day?
Sweet Pea: No
Princess: No but i saw one on tv

5. What is sacrifice?How many questions is this?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Where somone or somthing dies to honor or respect something or WHATEVE, I don't know

6. Do you know any Veterans? If so, who?
Sweet Pea: UMmmmm No
Princess: Uncle C?!?! I don't know (yes great Uncle C is a veteran)

There ya have it, this weeks Sunday six answered by my girls. Did you play let me know so i can go check it out, don't forget to let Kelly know also.


Tammy said...

Wow. Princess is so very smart!

Kami said...

"Don't write that!"

Love it.

Kelly said...

OH, so what did Princess really want to answer on #3! LOL Great job -thanks for playing!

KC said...

LOL on #3 princess was thinking and said "ummmmmmmmmm hummmmmmmmmm" when she saw me writing ummmmmmm hummmmmmmmm is when she said "don't write that" so i started to write don't write that" and that is when it was "mommmmmmmmmmmm dont write that" so i started writing mommmmmmm don't write that, then she said "come on" so I wrote that too LOL... her real answer was the part about having no school.