Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Made The Move

I don't really know what I did yet or why I did it but I made the move to beta. So I guess I'll see what it is all about now.


Fantastagirl said...

You got it to work? I can't get mine to work... silly me!

Hope you had a great day!

KC said...

hummmmmmmmmm all i did was hit a button on a page that showed up on my dash this morning asking me if i wanted to switch. then it said it would take 2 steps, which just called for hitting the next button. but in between there i didn't have a google account so i hit the button for the 1st step, then it asked to sign into google or creat an account, so i created an account then hit the next button and they said please wait while we switch you over so i waited about 5 mins later I was moved over to beta.. but as i went to post this comment back to you I was told i had to sign in with the google account from now on not my blogger account which will take some time to get use too.