Saturday, November 18, 2006

No sunday six for us this week.

yesterday after school my older 3 went with my parents on vacation to visit my sister. They are going to be gone till after Thanksgiving. It's going to be weird and sort of sad not to have my children with me onThanksgiving.. But they all wanted to go with grandma and Grandpa to visit Aunt P, and Cousin A and Cousin EL, so being the wonderful mommy I and I talked daddy into saying yes they could go.
It was one long drive for them 23 1/2 hours but they got there today right before kick off of the OSU game.

What i have done so far while they were gone, was clean my house do laundry, got to take a nice long bath, had my hair cut and colored.. and got to watch the whole football game without having to deal with kids running though and yelling mom. LOL.. I still have little man home with us but he isn't feeling very well(teething) and has been sleeping alot today.

I need to go care for him now..

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Fantastagirl said...

Your kids are going to have an awesome time! How cool that you let them go. Enjoy your "free" time!

(hope the teeth break through soon!)