Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Student Of The Month.

Mr Man came home last week with the Student of The Month of award for the month of October.
this is the note that came home with him that day

Mr Man always does his best work. He follows directions the first time that they are given, and is respectful to his classmates. Mr Man always brings his homework to school and checks over his work before handing it in. He uses first grade writing and makdes great first grade choices. Great Job Mr Man!

Then this came from his principal in the mail.

To The Parents of Mr Man,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate both you and your son, Mr Man on his nominatin as Student Of the Month.
Students are selected by their classroom teachers based on leadership abilities, improvement in academic areas, cooperation with staff and students and for their positive attitude. In short, the student chosen serves as a role model for others in the class to admire and emulate.
I thank you for raising such a fine child. As a parents myself, I am well aware that this is no easy task. It is an honor to have your child with us here at (mr man's school name)
Mr Man's picture will be mounted on our "student of the Month" recongition board. He will also be presented with a certificate of Achievement, a kids's meal coupon(for a resturant in our town), a student of the month certificate for a small pizza(from a pizza place in our town), a student of the month pencil, (his school) static sticker, and a bike helmet.
In Closing, thank you again for the obvious love, interest and support that you have shown in raising your child. Your child is very fortunate to have you as a parent.

(his principal name)

Mr Man is very excited to get this honor again, he got it in Sept of his kindergarten year, the only thing he is not happy with is that you can only get it onces a year LOL


Fantastagirl said...

WOW - Way to go Mr. Man - that is awesome!

sari said...

It's a big week at your house!


Mama C said...

That is so cool!

It always helps when others notice how great our kids are on the outside. I still don't really believe the teachers when they say mine are so well behaved when at home it's a diff. story.