Thursday, February 08, 2007

Taste buds.

This afternoon while I was reading The Geek Inside blog, Sari had a post about her son Five and his picky eating habits. This reminded me of something that happened last week with my newly five year old.
Last week When I took Sweet Pea to her 5 year check up, her doctor stuck her toung out
and had sweet pea look closely at the bumps, then she went on to tell her that she has those bumps too and that those are her taste buds and now that she is five years old those taste buds change. So even if she didn't like something when she was four she should give it a try again because now that she is five and her taste buds are five and they change she might like it. Smart thinking on the doctors part or so I thought, She told her because of her taste buds being five years old that she has to try one bit of everything that her mom cooks for her that way she will know if her taste buds like it.
Her I sit thinking what a smart doctor, and I'm sure the doctor was pleased with herself also getting all these kids to fall for oopes Imean go along with this changing taste bud thing.
Well it didn't take much to sell Sweet Pea on this whole idea that now that she is five years old her taste buds change because she got a great big smile on her face and said to the doctor. "I know, I know, My taste buds have already changed. I use to like carrots and Now I DON'T "

guess that sort of back fired, the poor doctor just giggled and didn't know what more to say.

Sorry Sari that you came over here looking for this and I didn't have it up yet. Real life got in the way. I got a call from my grandma right after leaving a comment for you. Last week Grandpa had a growth removed out of his gums, he had had a tooth pulled years ago and a growth was growing where that tooth use to be, Well he found out today from the dentist that the growth was cancer. I'm not sure what they do now, Grandma said that they got it all but the dentist went ahead and pulled the teeth that were on either side of that growth. After getting off the phone with Grandma It was time to go pick up Mr Man from school, Then had to run to the Rec Center to get him signed up for Spring soccer. Came home had about 30 minutes in which we worked on his home work. Then it was out the door again to go pick up Princess from Academic Challenge Practise. Came home got her started on her homework(which she needed the computer for) and I cooked dinner, we ate and it was out the door again to drop her off at basketball practice. After dropping her off I got right on here to get this post published :) I need to head back out in an hour to go pick her up. Hummmmm
I think i need a Taxi sign for the top of my van, maybe then I could expect tips. :)

UPDATE: Grandma misunderstood what Grandpa told her and Grandpa'g growth was NOT cancer..


sari said...

Gosh you are one BUSY mom!! I sure hope your grandpa is ok, I will pray for him. With all that going on, you should have just waited to post!

Your story is a good one, though. I'll have to try that with Five, maybe it will work with him.

Fantastagirl said...

I'm gonna have the doctor tell tink that when she is five.

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa - I hope that they are able to treat it!

Nicole said...

So sorry to hear about your grandps. I hope he will be allright. Goodness. Funny story about Five. So cute!

palmtreefanatic said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa! ...Hope all goes well!

palmtreefanatic said...

I like the trying part on the Dr. with the taste buds....hmmmm...don't think it would work with my kids either though...