Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank you all for your get well wishes. I'm doing much much better now. I woke up today not sure if I felt well or not but as the day went on I started feeling better and better. Even well enough to try Marvelous Mini Meatloaves . They were very yummy. All but one of the kids ate them and that was Sweet Pea and since her tummy was still feeling a little funny I didn't make her eat anything she didn't want to eat.
Little Man seems to be doing much better today also, as does Sweet Pea.(which I don't think I mentioned ended up with the tummy bug yesterday also) Poor DH has it today :( So far Princess and Mr Man are still well. BUT I sort of hope they cancel school again tomorrow just in case they wake up with it, that way they won't be missing any school for being sick.

Did I mention School has been cancelled the last two day due to it being so cold. I think we are having a heatwave though because it is now up to 8 degrees outside with a wind chill of 1 degree which is a major improvement over a -7 with a wind chill of -22.

Sweet pea seems to be over her reaction she had Friday to the kindergarten shots she had last Wednesday. Friday I mentioned how her right leg was all swollen and had a big softball size bright red bump that was hot to the touch. Today the swelling is all gone, and the bump is now just a black and blue mark the size of a ping pong ball. I found out this morning that the shots she was given in her right leg was the Dtp and her flu shot. So one of those is what caused the allergic reaction. I wish I knew for sure which one it was.

Something I don't think I have mentioned here is that Princess has been getting a lot of pain in her head, it might be migraines. We saw the doctor for it yesterday afternoon(that was not so fun with me being sick but we won't go into that story) She has been getting these one and off for the last 2 years and I could normally go back and saw that she either had played too many video games or on the computer too long with in hours of the headaches. So we limit her time on those sort of things and she was doing really well. Jump ahead till after Christmas and they have been coming a lot. In the month of January it seemed liked she was getting them every day or every other day and I couldn't really pin point what might be causing them like i did in the past. So we got her in.
Princess has a history of seizures, Not full blow seizures. When she was close to 3 years old she had this twitch in her eyes sort of like an uncontrollable blinking, shortly after she turned 3 we got her into a neurologist who had an EEG done and there was seizure activity going on in her brain which was causing the twitching of her eyes. She spent 3 years on medication for this. The 1st year on the medication(which I cant remember for the life of me what it was called) she would still get the twitch but the next 2 years she didn't have it at all, So right after her 6 birthday they did another EEG and found that all the seizure activity was gone, so over the next so many months they weaned her off the medicine. She has been perfect ever since except for these bad headaches that started around the time she turned 9 years old. The triggers or what i think was triggering the headaches were the same triggers that I was told could trigger the seizures so this worried me a bit, but since they weren't coming all that often her normal doctor didn't seem to worried about them unless she was getting them more then 3 times a month which she wasn't.
Now that she has been getting them a lot, her doctor(pediatrician) thinks these are migraines(though she isn't vomiting with them)but because of her past history he wants to rule out the seizure stuff before he says for sure.
Princess will be having a stressed induced EEG and a Cat scan on February 15. So please keep her in your prayers she is sort of nerves about all of these test.
I am also,not that there is anything to worry about with the test but the results are what worries me, I really don't want the seizures to be back. Even though no one wants the seizures back we pray Gods will be done, and we will trust Him to know what is best for Princess. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

WOW tomorrow is Wednesday already I'm losing track of days with the kids home. See you all tomorrow.


Nicole said...

I will definitely be praying for Princess. I know that must be very scary. Trust in the Lord always!

I am glad that the swelling has gone down in the swollen leg and that everything seems to be on the mend there at your house.

It was 70 degrees here today! I'm sending some warm weather your way!

Kim's Life said...

Oh you must be worried out of your mind. I will have her in my thoughts and I will be praying that your little Princess is OK.

Doug and Stacey said...

I will be praying for her also. Migraines are hard enough but with being that age is has to be worse.

sari said...

Prayers to all of you, especially Princess, that they can help her with her headaches. I feel badly for you!

We're sick too. Five was sick two weeks ago, got well, and then got sick again Saturday. Now I've got it, but today's just the start for me, I can tell. Blech.

sari said...

Also, Eight and I were talking yesterday about what you would do when it's only 4' outside. I guess we know now, you stay home and hide in the house. I feel for you guys, it's 75 here right now and I've got all the windows open.

Sending warm thoughts your way.