Friday, February 02, 2007

Potties, Parties and Hospitals OH MY!!

He did it, he did it, he did it, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Little Man asked to sit on the potty(well he said potty and ran to the bathroom and pointed at the potty so I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said "s" which is Yes). Him asking to sit on the potty isn't new news, but this time HE PEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My baby boy peed in the potty for the very 1st time.. I'm having a proud mommy moment. :) this happened today Feb. 2, 2007 at 8 something PM..

Yesterday Sweet Pea had her birthday party with her friends and they all had a blast. I'll blog about that later when I have the pictures online and ready to view. You know what is a good story with out pictures.

Wednesday Sweet Pea had her 5 year check up she is still a little pea. she is now 42 inches tall which is the 40% and 37 pounds which is about 33%. This check up was also her kindergarten one so that she can go to kindergarten in the fall. So she had to have the dreaded vaccines. She was such a brave little girl looked like she was going to cry when the pocked her finger but she just sucked it up and didn't make a pee, Then went in the first shot and her eyes filled with tears but still no noise. Next the second shot in the same leg this we heard her say ouch(holding it out in a whinny way) and more tears started to stream down her little cheeks. Then the third shots and that was it she was no longer brave she started to cry her poor little head off, and then the forth shot came and she was screaming and crying. I had tears in my eyes by this point also..
My kids have never had any problems or reactions to vaccines well except a slight fever the night of having them and into the next day. After having her shots Sweet Pea was complaining her legs hurt, and why wouldn't they hurt she just had two needles jammed into each leg. So we iced them gave her Tylenol and that was it. Thursday rolled around and she was running a slight fever which I'm sure was part of the reaction to the shots gave her Tylenol and went on with our day, she had preschool and her birthday party and then we got home and ate dinner. After dinner she started saying "mommy my leg hurts" I had just watched her run around the playground at burger king for hours and she had no problem at all running around the tree club house during her birthday party, so I just thought 'well now that the excitement is over she is thinking about the shots again' before I could even offer her some ice for it, she was off and playing so I didn't think about it again until bedtime. At bedtime she said "my boo boo where they gave me the shot still hurts" Me not thinking anything of it more then just well yeah it hurts you had needles in your leg said to her "I know honey it will start feeling better soon" Prayed, kissed her and tucked her in bed. This morning she got up and said "It is hard to walk because my shots hurt my leg" Sweet pea sometimes can be a bit of a drama queen and a tiny scrap can be a major medical problem for the whole week. So I didn't think any thing of it, I feed her breakfast got the older kids off to school and then went to give her a bath. When she took her pj's off I almost went into shock. her whole right thigh was swollen and there was a bright red, circle bump the size of a big softball all around the spot where she had had her shots. I placed my hand on it and she screamed but I wanted to see if it was warm.. Holy cow it was burning up.. NO wonder her leg was hurting her.
I got right on the phone to call her doctors office to see what they wanted me to do. It took the nurse 30 minutes to call me back, but when she did she said the doctor wanted Sweet Pea seen right away, ONLY!!!!!!! there computer system crashed(they just went paper free which is a totally different vent in and of its self) They didn't think they would get them back up and running for at least 2 hours and therefore they couldn't see anyone during that time. The doctor didn't want her to wait that long to be seen(so I thought they were going to say just go ahead and bring her in and he would look at it without having to have his little laptop to view her chart I was wrong) So he wanted me to take her to the ER right away to be checked out. Off to the ER we went, with a short detour to drop Little Man off at great grandma's and Pa's, you know there was no way he was going to be happy in an ER for hours.
At the ER I gave them the list of the vaccines she had on Wednesday. Measles, mumps & Rubella(mmr).. Polio... Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis(dtp) Also just this year(2007) they started giving a booster for the chicken pox vaccine as part of the kindergarten shots so she had that also(had her 1st chicken pox vaccine at 12 months old) and she was also due for her 2nd shot of her flu shot(this was her 1st year getting a flu shot and the 1st year they do it in 2 parts). Then they asked me which ones she had in her right leg, well I didn't know. The hospital called the doctors office to find out which one Sweet pea was having the reaction too. Well guess what the doctors office computers are down so they don't know and can't find out which ones was given in her right leg. After 3 hours in the ER she was given benadryl, I was given a list of things to look for that if she get it I need to take her back in and we were sent home.. I still don't know what vaccine she is having a reaction to.
Tomorrow I'm going to make a call to the doctors office and see which ones they shot into her right leg. She has had 2 doses of the benadryl now but really I haven't seen a change at all in her leg. If it doesn't go down at all in 24 hours of starting the benadryl they want me to call her doctor. I just pray there is some improvement by morning.


Heather said...

First of all, yay for little man going pee in the potty! Natalie is obsessed with her potty, but will not acutally go in it. She has all the motions down. Pull down pants, rip off diaper, sit down for a minute, get up, rip off tp, wipe, put in toilet, pull up pants and leave bathroom. Won't do the deed though. I'm gonna give it a little more time, once I can get her to actually pee I am gonna get aggresive with the training. YAY for you!

So sorry for sweet pea, none of my kids reacted to any shots either, how scary. I hope she feels better soon and you find out which one caused it!

Nicole said...

First, YEAH!!! Going potty!! Yipee!! That is awesome. I am waiting till summer to start! I can't wait.

Goodness! I cannot believe that about your little one. That sounds horrible. I would've been freaking out. Hopefully it WILL be better. Bless her heart.

The pictures are adorable!!! Sweet Pea could be a model. So pretty.

Keep us informed on the leg thing.

palmtreefanatic said...

congrats to little man! this is such a milestone!

Hope sweetpea is better soon!

The photos of your kids are BEAUTIFUL!

Fantastagirl said...

Yeah to little man!

I hope that her leg is feeling better - None of my kids have had a reaction to shots before. Very scary for you - and her!