Thursday, February 01, 2007

Birthday Cakes

People have been asking me if I made the kids birthday cakes. I wish I could say yes but I just am not creative enough(or creative at all) to do this sort of art.
My idea of decorating a cake is to spread store bought iceing on a cake and dump sprinkles all over it.

My Mother makes all of my kids birthday cakes, This is a talent she has had for as long as i can remember. She makes some of the prettiest cake and extreamly tasty also and she makes her own iceing.
Every year around there birthday my kids will tell grandma what sort of cake theme they want for there cake and she will bring it over to them on there parties.. For Princess's 1st birthday we did Bananas in Pajammas and the cake she made was the Bananas comeing down the stairs. Her 2nd brithday was a Little Mermaid Cake, 3rd was Barbie, 4th Care Bears, 5th Power Puff girls, 6th Disney Princess, 7th butter flies and flowers, 8th Bratz, 9th 70's flowers, 10th was Cats, and this year for her slumber party she had a softball cake and for her family party she wanted butterflies.
Sweet Pea has also had some really pretty cakes made and decorated by grandma I have her cakes online. here is her 1st birthday cake Here is her 2nd birthday cake she did the same theme for her 3rd birthday. Last year Sweet Pea couldn't make up her mind on a birthday theme, she wanted the disney princesses(so that is what we did for plates and napkins) she also wanted the Little Mermaid and Barbie. So my mom made her 2 cakes The Little Mermaid and Barbie

In my Wordless Wednesday post, I linked to the photos I took of the girls party.. my mom has since sent me some she took from her camera which takes much much nicer pictures then mine. Mine always turn out dark and blurry. So if you would like to look at a few of my girls in true to life color and not blurry click here honestly these pictures are much much better then the ones I linked to on Wednesday(I need a new camera)


Anonymous said...

Those cakes are AMAZING!!! WOW! I thought you were going to say you paid to have some fancy place make them! Go mom!!

Fantastagirl said...

Those are amazing cakes - you are very lucky your mom is so talented.

Nicole said...

I'm not sure if I was one of the ones that asked, but I was for sure wondering!! Great job mom!!

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW! how DOES she do it???That is just plain AWESOME! Do they taste as yummy as they are decorated? She is REALLY Good! I love the strawberry shortcake o my!