Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's a boy thing, or not

Yesterday while looking at Wordless Wednesday photo's I came across this blog
Her Wordless Wednesday shot was just the funniest thing I couldn't stop LOL.
As I was the comments to her post I kept seeing things saying stuff like all boys do this.. and I honestly thought the same thing. ONLY!!!!!!

Mr Man will not do this, or I should say he wouldn't do this in the past, I'm not sure if he would or not at this point in time or in years to come.
He gets all worked up and upset at the thought of me even telling him to do this when there is no bathroom in site.

When he was 3 1/2 years old we were driving home from a birthday party on a country road(all the roads from point a to b were country roads) there were no houses close, no cars coming no nothing but corn Fields and cows. He starts to yell that he has to pee I was still 20 minuts from home or the closest bathroom.. and he was about in tears he had to go so bad.. So I pulled over and got him out and took his pants down and he was crying and crying and crying.. and JUST really really upset that I would do that to him in public(ya know those cows were looking at him) BUT he flatly refused to pee. When I asked him why he wouldn't go he said "i don't pee on grass I pee in the potty" I trying to explain to him there was no potty anywhere close to us and he has to pee outside and he wouldn't do it and he went on to say "those cows eat this grass how would you like to eat pee"

Last year when he was 6 we were in the same spot miles from a bathroom and DH took him out into the woods to go, OH Mr Man had the biggest fit he was so up set we would expect him to pee outside.. he did go this time because daddy "made" him but we never heard the end of how WRONG(in his book) that was.

Some how I don't see Little Man sharing his older brother oppion on watering the flowers. :)


Nicole said...

That is too funny. Yeah, you think that most boys would LOVE to get the chance to pee in the open, but I guess not ALL of them huh? Mine is still fine with doing it in his diapers, so I'm not sure if he will be down with that or not.

palmtreefanatic said...

all i can say is OMY!!! ;)

Lynanne said...

I still am chuckling over that photo. My boys never did this until we went on a hiking trip once and they had no other choice. After that, the floodgates were open (no pun intended). We got a phone call from a neighbor once because my son pulled down his pants in the front yard and peed on our tree. LOL

Fantastagirl said...

THAT was soo cute!