Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday Six Valentines style(2/11/07)

This weeks Sunday Six is in honor of Valentines Day. Here is what Kelly had for us this week
Valentines Day is this coming Wednesday, let's go with that theme!
1. What is love?
2. Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
3. How do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
4. What are Valentines?
5. How many Valentines can you have at one time?
6. Who do you love?

Little Man(who will be 21 months old on Valentines day)
1)He hand me a little broom and then reaches for it back saying "mine mine"
2)He said" Val" I said yes he said "Play"
3)he said "Day"
4)starts hitting couch with broom and said "there"
5)he said "two" and then hit the ground with the broom two times
6)He said something that sounded like God so I asked him if he loved God and he said "OK".

Sweet Pea(5 yrs old)
1)Smiles turns a little red thinks about it for a minute and then said "I don't know"
2) "so we can have a party"
3) "with valentine cards"
4) "There the cards we give to people"
5) she said "two" I thought she said it because Little man just said two so I asked her why she said two and she said "Because of B and K"(B and K being her 2 best friends)
6) "God and Mom and Dad"

Mr Man(7 yrs old)

1) something Gross

2)ummmmmmmmm because

3)whoosie, Goshie, Kissie

4)something disgusting to boys

5)a whole bunch


Princess(11 yrs old and I think only plays so she can give me smart comments and then laughs about them LOL)
1) "I don't know"
2) "I don't know its not like we really celebrate it, It's not like we get off school or anything"
3) "I don't know how you do it, but *I* except gifts"
4) "chocolates, flower, cards and other gifts"(then she giggles in her smartie pants way and says "from boys")
5)"As many as you can get away with, as long as they don't find out." Then she starts to laugh
6)"My self" little giggle and then says "No one".


Anonymous said...

That is too cute. I may have to ask my kids these questions, I am curious what they would say!

Kim's Life said...

Thank you for sharing. I think Im going to have to ask the children that. That was so cute.

Kami said...

As long as they don't find out.

True. Dat. ;)

Nicole said...

The difference between the girls and boys answers were funny. I love these. I need to do another Sunday Six again. It is so fun.

Kelly said...

Loving Mr.Man's answers! LOL Awesome! Thanks for playing!

Spikey1 said...

Dont you just love it!