Wednesday, February 28, 2007

To God Be the Glory

To God be the glory great things He has done.

I have been wanting to blog about this for a few days now, but was wanting to word it in a way where God would be glorified for the wonderful work HE has done.

This story is sort of a long one, go grab your popcorn and take a seat.

Princess was invited to a slumber party for a new friend she made with in the last few months. The slumber party was for her basketball team at one of the girls house. This year Princess is at a new school she went from a small elementary school(K-4) where there were only 2 classes for her grade and a total of 50 kids if even(in her grade) over to the 5th and 6th grade building here in our town which has around 250 kids per grade give or take some. Part of me when she started school was a bit worried, but she has taken to it great, made a ton of new friends and has done really well.

Let me move on here, Saturday night my mom took the younger 3 kids and Princess was at the party So DH and I went and got groceries and a bite to eat. As we were driving back home I was thinking about slumber parties I went to growing up. Most of my friends growing up came from christian homes, they all pretty much went to my church and at Princesses age I was also attending our church christian school. I was thinking how at sleepovers I didn't have to worry about my friend wanting to do thing I knew we should have any part of like(the name of these types of boards I'm not adding because I don't want my blog to come up in a Google search for the,) O. boards or different things like that. At that point I started to worry about Princess. She has excepted Christ as her savior and has followed Him in believers baptism. We have talked about certain things like this, but 95% of her friend are from her school. Some might attend a church but with most of her friends being new this year I don't know them all I have met some parents though her cheerleading for the school, some from basketball though the school, some though the school drama club, but to say I know these people I can't really say I do.. so like any mom I was wondering If I made the right choice in letting her go to this slumber party. Not that I didn't trust the parents(from basketball I felt safe enough to know she would be cared for)what had my mind wondering was what sort of stuff would the girls be doing, what would there conversations be about(these are preteen girls who like boys) I was wondering if I have been a good enough mother and have taught my baby right from wrong not in the normal use your manner sort of way but in the this isn't what a christian young lady should be talking about or taking part in sort of way. At this point I prayed silently that God would keep my girl safe from things she might not be ready for.

When I got home I almost had a heart attack. On my answering machine was my babies voice frantic as if she was crying. Her words "mom, MOM.MOM if your there pick up the phone. MOM pick up the phone it's an emergency, MOM I really need you" NOW what's mothers heart wouldn't stop at hearing that and knowing her child couldn't get a hold of her(I'm now thinking about getting a cell phone) I grabbed the phone 10:45pm and I called over to the girls house where Princesses was staying. She was fine Happy and just over the moon filled with total excitement.. I was confused. she was upset and in tear telling me there was an emergency now she is filled with joy..
I guess before Princess tried to call me, one of her friends at the party got a phone call from her mom letting the girl know that her Aunt died and that the mom was taking off and someone different was going to pick her up in the morning. I guess the poor girl was a mess that her aunt just died and all the other girls felt awful for her and everyone was in tears crying.. Princess was calling me to get advice on how she could help and comfort all these girls. (not part of the story but WOW that made me feel good to know that my daughter would call me for advice while at a slumber party) When Princess couldn't get a hold of me she tried to call my mom because she knew I was going there to drop the kids off, she told my mom what was going on. My mom prayed with her and told her that she should pray with all the girls too.

This sort of went back to my train of thought on the way home wondering if She would do what is right when she wasn't sure if it was a "cool" thing to do in front of her friends. So I went on and Asked Princess if she took Grandmas advice.
She did she gathered all 12 of the girls together and she prayed for the girl who lost her aunt and for the family. This led to a bunch of questions being tossed at her about church and God and Heaven and Hell.
It was at this point that Princess got all excited in one of the happiest voices I have ever heard her have and she basically yelled into the phone.. "AND MOM THREE OF THE GIRLS GOT SAVED TONIGHT"
I have goose bumps just typing this out.. but I tell ya i was in tears of joy and my heart was just melting when she went on to tell me she got to lead these 3 girls to Christ.

Here I was just an hour or less before worried about her and there she was telling her friends about How God died for there sins and sharing the Gospel and the plan of salvation with them..

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and all the Glory belongs to Him, He has given me this sweet life to care for, and if I was left on my own to raise her I would mess it up so badly.. BUT He works His will, He is with me as I go though this game of motherhood. The comfort comes not from wondering if I have done enough to train my children.. BUT the comfort comes from knowing God is working HIS WILL in the life of my children.. and that HE has a Plan for them and despite all my short comings God WILL DO His perfect will for them.
What a Great and Wonderful God we have.


Midlife Mom said...

Wow! I have goose bumps! What a blessing for you to see first hand that your training has brought forth fruit! You have been faithful in training your children! Good job!

Mama C said...

Oh man! I'm getting teary-eyed. How wonderful and on another note, get a cell phone!

That message alone would have rattled me to the core!

MorningSong said...

That is FABULOUS!! I pray my story of bragging on the works of God through my babies has just begun and I pray the same for you!! Thanks for sharing this awesome story with me! Praise be unto God, He hath done great things for us!